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Vision11 Fantasy App

Vision11 App Info
Referral Code Possible11
Sign Up Bonus 100
Play Store
Apple Store
Download APK https://vision11.in/download/
Official Website https://vision11.in
App Rating 3.3
Total Downloads 800K
App Size 71.5 MB
Minimum Withdrawal 100

Vision11: Win Crores as Daily Winnings with Your Sports Knowledge

Vision11 is India's fastest-growing fantasy sports platform having over 10M+ trusted users. It's a game of skill where you can create a team with different players from the teams that are playing against each other. You can select players that are playing on the field as per your knowledge of the sport and your analytical skills and you will get points based on their performance.

What is Vision11 app?

Vision11 is an Indian fantasy sports platform that allows users to create virtual teams of real-world athletes and compete against others to win cash prizes. It is one of the fastest-growing fantasy sports platforms in India, with a wide range of sports to choose from, including cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, handball, baseball, and hockey.

How to register in Vision11 app?

  • Download the Vision11 app from the website or app store.
  • Open the Vision11 app on your device.
  • Register using your email address or mobile number.
  • Complete your profile by entering your name, date of birth, and preferred sport and team (optional).
  • Verify your account by following the instructions provided.
  • Add your referral code (if you have one).
  • Start playing fantasy sports by selecting a sport, choosing a match, and creating your team using real players from the match.
  • Join contests, earn points based on player performance, and climb the leaderboard to win cash prizes.

How to Create team and Play Contests in Vision11 app

  • Select the sport you want to play: Choose the sport you're passionate about, whether it's cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, handball, baseball, or hockey.
  • Choose a match: Browse through the upcoming matches and select the one you want to showcase your fantasy skills in.
  • Create your fantasy team: Build your virtual team by selecting 11 real players from the match within a defined budget of 100 credits. Consider player statistics, form, and match conditions.
  • Assign Captain and Vice-Captain: Strategically appoint your Captain and Vice-Captain, as their performances will be worth double and 1.5 times the points, respectively.
  • Join contests: Explore the various contests available for the chosen match and select those that align with your risk appetite and entry fee preferences.
  • Submit your team: Once your team is finalized, review it carefully and submit it before the match deadline.
  • Follow the match and leaderboard: Keep track of the real-time match and monitor the leaderboard to see how your team performs against others.
  • Earn rewards: Based on your team's performance, you'll accumulate points. The higher you rank on the leaderboard, the bigger the prize you'll win.

which games are available on Vision11 fantasy app?

  • Cricket
  • Kabaddi
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey

What types of contests available on Vision11 app?

Here is the list of features available on Vision11 app

  • Head to Head
  • Zero app commission contest
  • Special League
  • One vs All
  • Winner takes all
  • Contest for Champions
  • Hot Contest
  • Mega League
  • Mini Grand League
  • Leaderboard League
  • Practise Contest

Vision11: Platform Charge (Commission)

League Type Teams Percentage
Grand League 20 25%
Mini GL 11 25%
2 Member 3 11%
3 Member 5 14%
4 Member 5 14%
Up to 5 25 4%

Vision11 App Fantasy Points System

Action Points
Successful Raid Touchpoint +8
Raid Bonus +2
Unsuccessful Raid -2
Super Raid +4
Super 10 +4
Successful Tackle +20
Super Tackle +8
High Five +10
Unsuccessful Tackle -1
Green Card -2
Yellow Card -4
Red Card -6
Opposition All Out +8
Own Team All Out -4

Apart from this

  • Captain = 2x points
  • Vice-Captain = 1.5x points
  • In Starting seven = +8
  • Substitute appearance = +2

How to withdraw your money from Vision11 app?

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 2-4 business days, and the funds will be transferred to your linked bank account.

Please note that you must complete KYC verification before you can withdraw any funds.

  • Open the Vision11 App and log in to your account.
  • Tap on the "Account" option from the menu.
  • Select the "Withdraw" option.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 100).
  • Review the withdrawal details and confirm the transaction.

What are pros and cons of Vision11 App?

  • Pros:
    • Low competition currently, with a steadily growing user base
    • Strong brand value, known for safety and trustworthiness
    • Notable brand ambassadors endorsing the platform
    • Effective referral program for users
    • Generous initial credit for users
    • 24x7 customer support services available
    • Low minimum payout at Rs. 100, among other advantages
  • Cons:
    • ID verification is required for withdrawal, enhancing app security
    • Prize pool may not be as high as some other competing apps
    • Additional considerations, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Vision11 Safe to use?

Yes, Vision11 is totally legit and 100% secure app, It is legal in India to play fantasy sports for adults above 18 years old

What is the lowest price of Vision11 app?

Lowest entry for a contest in Vision11 app is 1rs and you can invest as per the required entry price of the contest.

In which cities of India Vision11 is banned?

Vision11 is banned in Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland and Sikkim in India

Who is the CEO of Vision11?

Parth Rawal is founder and CEO of fantasy sports app Vision11.

How much TDS is deducted by Vision11?

Deduction of TDS by Vision11 is @ 30% if the amount of winning exceeds Rs 10,000.

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