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MyMaster11 Fantasy App

MyMaster11 App Info
Referral Code P11
Sign Up Bonus 100
Apple Store
Download APK https://www.mymaster11.com/MyMaster11_d_2_0_42.apk
Official Website https://www.mymaster11.com/
App Rating 2.7
App Size 46.6
Minimum Withdrawal 50

What is MyMaster11 app?

MyMaster11 is a game of skill. In fantasy sports, your success depends primarily on your knowledge of the sport, strategic thinking, and analysis of player performance, rather than mere chance. This skill-based nature makes online fantasy sports legal in most parts of the world, with a few state exceptions.

How to register in MyMaster11?

  • Website: Go to the official MyMaster11 website: MyMaster11 official site
  • App: Download the MyMaster11 app (if you prefer using your phone or tablet).
  • Start Registration
  • Locate the "Sign Up" or "Register" button. This is usually prominently placed on the homepage.
  • Provide Information
  • There are a couple of ways to register:
    • Manual Registration:
      • Enter your email address.
      • Create a unique username.
      • Choose a strong password.
      • You might need to provide additional details like your mobile number.
    • Social Login:
      • Click the option to sign up using your Facebook or Google account. This links your existing account and speeds up the process.

Which games are available on MyMaster11 app?

MyMaster11 offers a good variety of fantasy sports on their app. Here's the list:

  • Cricket: The most popular fantasy sport in India.
  • Football: Gaining a lot of traction among fantasy sports fans.
  • Kabaddi: A classic Indian sport with a dedicated following.
  • Basketball: Enjoy worldwide popularity and offers a fast-paced fantasy experience.
  • Baseball: A major sport in the US and other countries gaining interest in India.
  • Hockey: Another fast-paced sport is available for fantasy contests.

What types of contests are available on MyMaster11 app?

  • Main Types:
    • Practice Contests: Free to join, great for learning the ropes.
    • Cash Contests: Paid entry, offer cash prizes to winners.
  • Contest Sizes:
    • Mega Contests: Huge participant pools, big prizes, high competition.
    • Head-to-Head: Compete against one other player.
    • Small Contests: Fewer players, better winning odds, smaller prizes.
  • Special Formats:
    • Multiple Winners: Prizes for top ranks or a percentage of players.
    • Winner Takes All: Only the top scorer wins.
    • Private Contests: Create and play with your friends.

MyMaster11: Platform Fee (Commission)

MyMaster11 slightly lowers platform fees in some contests. Here, we can also use the cash bonus to reduce platform fees in some contests.

Grand League and Mini GL 20-30%
2 Member 9-25%
3 Member 9-21%
4 Member 8-31%
Up to 5-100 10-25%

MyMaster11 Fantasy Points System?


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