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Playerzpot Fantasy App

Playerzpot App Info
Referral Code Possible11
Sign Up Bonus 100
Play Store
Apple Store
Download APK https://playerzpot.com/
Official Website https://playerzpot.com/
App Rating 3.9
Total Downloads 100k
App Size 91 Mb
Minimum Withdrawal 150

Nowadays, the fantasy cricket point system and player selection are different in some apps. Thus, you must study before playing any fantasy sport.

Fantasy apps also provide Games plus various innovative cricket fantasy like 2nd innings, Live, batting, bowling, etc. It provides 2nd innings and live fantasy.

How to register in Playerzpot app?

Download and Launch the app:

  • Tap the app's icon to get things started.
  • Find the "Sign Up" button:
    • Look for a button with words like "Join Us," "Create Account," or "Get Started."
    • It's usually pretty visible on the first screen.
  • Share your info:
    • Enter your mobile number or email address when prompted.
    • Choose a strong password that's unique to this app.
  • Verify you're real:
    • They'll send a code to your phone or email.
    • Type that code into the app to confirm you're not a robot.
  • Add your name details:
    • Fill in your first and last name accurately.
  • That's it! You're now part of the PlayerzPot community!

How to Create Team and Play Contestson PlayerzPot?

  1. Pick Your Sport: Choose from cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, handball, baseball, or hockey.
  2. Select a Match: Find an upcoming match that sparks your interest.
  3. Build Your Team: Create a virtual team of 11 players within a 100-credit budget, considering stats, form, and match conditions.
  4. Choose Captain and Vice-Captain: Appoint wisely, as their points are worth double and 1.5 times, respectively.
  5. Join Contests: Explore contests that match your risk tolerance and entry fee preferences.
  6. Submit Your Team: Review and submit your lineup before the match deadline.
  7. Follow the Action: Track the real-time match and leaderboard to see how your team fares.
  8. Earn Rewards: Accumulate points based on team performance. The higher your leaderboard rank, the bigger the prize!

which games are available on Playerzpot app?

  • Cricket
  • Kabaddi
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey

What type of contest are available on Playerzpot app?

  • Cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, and hockey contests are available.
  • Quiz contests and skill-based contests add variety.
  • Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) contests and head-to-head contests offer different competition formats.
  • Private contests allow users to create personalized competitions.
  • Check the official PlayerzPot platform for the latest contest types and features.

PlayerzPot app: Platform Charge (Commission)

Platform fees in Small League contests are usually lower after you use bonuses. So, take advantage of those bonuses to pay less in fees. Participating in Small League contests with bonuses lets you benefit from lower platform charges. Make sure to utilize these bonuses!

Contest Type Entry Winning Percentage
Grand League More than 30%
Mini GL 15-17%
2 Member 2-20%
3 Member 3-16%
4 Member 4-13%
Up to 5-25 3-17%

Gamezy App Fantasy Points System

Action Points
Successful Raid Touchpoint +8
Raid Bonus +2
Unsuccessful Raid -2
Super Raid +4
Super 10 +4
Successful Tackle +20
Super Tackle +8
High Five +10
Unsuccessful Tackle -1
Green Card -2
Yellow Card -4
Red Card -6
Opposition All Out +8
Own Team All Out -4

Apart from this

  • Captain = 2x points
  • Vice-Captain = 1.5x points
  • In Starting seven = +8
  • Substitute appearance = +2

How to withdraw your money from PlayerzPot?

  • Check your ID: Make sure you've completed the KYC process (they need to know who you are).
  • Tap the Wallet: Find the wallet icon on the app and give it a click.
  • Pick your Exit: Choose how you want the money to be transferred - bank transfer or Paytm.
  • Agree and Send: Confirm your acceptance of their terms and conditions, then hit the "withdraw" button.
  • Wait for the Cash: It shouldn't take long for your winnings to show up.

What are pros and cons of PlayerzPot App?

Pros of using PlayerzPot app

  • Potential for big wins: Skilled players can score good money, especially in small leagues.
  • Low platform fees: Using bonuses in small leagues can significantly reduce the commission.
  • Variety of sports and contests: Cricket, kabaddi, football, and more, with different formats to keep things fresh.
  • Fast withdrawals: Once KYC is done, getting your winnings out is usually quick and painless.

Cons of using PlayerzPot app

  • Luck plays a big role: Even with knowledge, winning isn't guaranteed. It's still gambling.
  • Competition can be fierce: Top spots are often filled by experienced players, making it tough for newbies.
  • Addiction risk: The thrill of winning can be addictive, leading to overspending and neglect of other responsibilities.
  • Limited bonus availability: Freebies might dry up after a while, leaving you with higher platform fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Playerzpot legal to use in India?

Yes, Playerzpot is 100% legal to use and play in India except some states like Assam, and Nagaland.

Who is the owner of Playerzpot?

Sunil Yadav is the owner and CEO of Playerzpot.

What is the minimum withdrawl of Playerzpot app?

150rs is the minimum withdrawl in Playerzpot fantasy sports app.

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