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Fantafeat Fantasy App

Fantafeat App Info
Referral Code P11
Sign Up Bonus 100
Apple Store
Download APK https://ffweb.lybcdn.net/apk/fantafeat.apk
Official Website https://www.fantafeat.com/
App Rating 3.1
App Size 114
Minimum Withdrawal 200

What is Fantafeat Fantasy app?

Your love of gaming and sports may reach new heights with FantaFeat, an all-inclusive fantasy sports and gaming platform. FantaFeat provides a complete and engaging experience for both sports fans and gamers with a wide selection of fantasy sports, including leagues and cricket.

With FantaFeat, you can assemble your ideal squad in the realm of fantasy sports by choosing genuine players from different leagues. Play strategically as you decide who will start on which squad, who to substitute, and how to line up. Engage in exciting competitions with other sports lovers where your team's success affects your position on the leaderboard.

FantaFeat is not just your typical fantasy sports app. Within the platform, it provides a rich and varied gaming experience. Take a deep dive into games like Sheep Fight, Rummy, Call Break, and Ludo. As you advance through thrilling gaming tasks, feel the rush of competing against other players, improve your abilities, and earn real money.

You may unleash your athletic and gaming abilities and interact with a lively community of like-minded people with FantaFeat. In order to make wise selections and stay ahead of the competition, stay up to speed with the latest player statistics, match results, and professional analysis.

How to register in Fantafeat App?

  • Before you begin:
    • Make sure you're 18 years of age or older. Fantafeat, like most fantasy sports platforms, has an age restriction.
    • Download the app: Find the Fantafeat app on the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Registration process for Fantafeat app

  • Launch the App: Open the Fantafeat app once installed.
  • Mobile Number: Enter your mobile number in the provided field. You'll receive an OTP (One-Time Password) via SMS.
  • OTP Verification: Enter the OTP you received to verify your mobile number.
  • Account Details (Optional): You might be prompted to provide additional details like your name, email address, etc. Complete this if requested.
  • Start Playing! You're now registered and ready to join contests and play fantasy sports on Fantafeat.

Which games are available on fantafeat app?

  1. Core Offerings:

    1. Cricket
    2. Football
    3. Kabaddi
  2. Other Popular Sports:

    1. Basketball
    2. Baseball
    3. Hockey
    4. Volleyball
    5. Rugby

What types of contests available on fantafeat app?

Fantafeat offers various fantasy contests to suit different players:

  • Core Contests:
    • Grand Leagues (big prizes, high competition)
    • Small Leagues (smaller prizes, better odds)
    • Head-to-Head (compete against one person)
    • Winner Takes All (only the top player wins)
  • Others:
    • Safe Play (partial refunds)
    • Giveaway (free or low-cost entry)
    • Bonus Use (use bonus funds to play)
    • Singles & Fifer (pick top-performing players)

Fantafeat: Platform Fee (Commission)

Fantafeat takes slightly low platform fees in contests. Here, the platform fees of contests are from 8% 28% of the entry fees.

Grand League and mini GL 11-28%
2 Member 8-17%
3 Member 9-19%
4 Member 8-25%
Up to 5-25 13-20%

Note– The platform fees for all the contests are not equal. So, use our Fantafeat platform fee article for lower entry fees (platform fee) contests.

Fantafeat Fantasy Points system?

For different sports Fantafeat has different types of fantasy points system to get to know better about them visit their official page for fantasy points system for all sports, Fantafeat fantasy points page.

How to withdraw your money from Fantafeat app?

  • Before you begin:
    • Complete KYC verification if it's required by Fantafeat.
    • Ensure you have withdrawable winnings (not just bonus amounts).
  • Steps:
    • Go to your Fantafeat account section.
    • Find the "Withdraw" or "Wallet" option.
    • Enter the amount (above any minimum limits).
    • Choose your method (Bank Transfer or UPI).
    • Provide accurate details and submit your request.

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