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CrickPe Fantasy App

CrickPe App Info
Referral Code P11
Sign Up Bonus 100
Play Store
Apple Store
Download APK https://crickpe.com/
Official Website https://crickpe.com/
App Rating 3.6
App Size 37 Mb
Minimum Withdrawal 200

What is CrickPe fantasy app?

CrickPe Fantasy Cricket App is India’s most unique and powerful fantasy cricket game. It is the only fantasy gaming app that gives gamers access to the whole prize pool—platform fees and gaming commissions are not deducted from the total. Additionally, players can make platform fees NIL (zero deductions for cricket players/BCCI, the government (GST), or CrickPe. 100% for you, the CrickPe PRO gamer) with a "CrickPe PRO" membership. You win more as a CrickPe PRO player than on any other Indian cricket fantasy platform.

How to register in CrickPe app?

  • Open the App: Launch the CrickPe app.
  • Enter Number: Enter your 10-digit mobile number.
  • OTP: You'll receive an OTP (One-Time Password) via SMS. Enter this OTP to verify your number.
  • Account Details
    • Full Name: Type in your full name
    • Profile Icon: Choose a profile icon or image that you like.
    • Referral Code (Optional): If you have a referral code, enter it in the designated field to get a signup bonus.
  • Complete Registration
    • Submit: Click on the "Submit" or "Register" button to finish the process.

How to Create a Team and Play Contests in the CrickPe app?

  • Team Creation
    • Select Match: Choose an upcoming cricket match.
    • Build Your Team: Use 100 credits to select 11 players (including wicket-keepers, batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders).
    • Choose Leaders: Appoint a Captain (2x points) and Vice-Captain (1.5x points).
  • Join a Contest
    • Contest Lobby: Find the contest lobby for your chosen match.
    • Contest Types: Select a contest that fits your budget (public, private, or mega).
    • Join: Submit your team and enter the contest.

Which sports are available on CrickPe app?

CrickPe is a fantasy sports platform dedicated solely to cricket matches.

What types of contests are available on the CrickPe app?

  • Public: Open to everyone, with varying entry fees and prize pools.
  • Private: Create your own, invite friends, and set custom rules.
  • Mega: Huge prize pools, higher entry fees, and very competitive.

CrickPe: CrickPe Pro (Platform fee )

Unlike popular fantasy apps like Dream11 and My11Circle, CrickPe doesn't charge individual platform fees for each contest. Instead, it uses a subscription model – CrickPe Pro subscribers can play fantasy contests without additional fees.

CrickPe Pro Subscription Plan

  • Monthly- Rs 200
  • Yearly- Rs 1000

100% Full Pot for Users

CrickPe believes in rewarding our users to the fullest. That's why the winning pots are always FULL. In two-person contests, you win twice, three times, and so on. There is no deduction of platform fees or gaming commissions from the pot. Platform fees (10%) is ONLY deducted from the winner’s wallet, which can be made zero (0%) by subscribing to ‘CrickPe PRO’.

0% Fees with CrickPe PRO

ZERO (0%) platform fees when you upgrade to ‘CrickPe PRO’. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that every rupee you win goes ONLY to your pocket! Nothing for Cricketers, BCCI, Government (GST) or for us (CrickPe). All YOURS!

CrickPe Fantasy Points System

One Day- Batting Points

Runs 1
Boundary Bonus 1
Six bonus 2
Half-century bonus 4
Century bonus 8
Dismissal for a Duck (Batter, Wicket-Keeper, & All-Rounder) -3

Note:- Any player scoring Century will only get points for Century. No points will be awarded as their half-century bonus. If Any runs are scored on an overthrow, points for those runs will be credited to the batter on strike for that ball. However, if the overthrow goes for a boundary, the batter will not receive extra boundary points

One Day: Bowling Points

Wicket 25
Bonus (LBW/Bowled) 8
4 wicket Bonus 4
5 wicket bonus 8
Maiden Over 4

One Day: Fielding Points

Catch 8
3 catch Bonus 4
Stumping 12
Run out (Direct Hit) 12
Run out (Not a Direct Hit) 6

Note:- A Direct hit is inflicted by the fielder who is the only one to touch the ball after the batter faces the delivery. In all other cases, points will be awarded only to the last 2 fielders who touch the ball

Players taking more than 3 catches will also get 4 points as 3 catch bonus. For example, if a player takes 6 catches, he will not get 8 points

One Day Other Points

Captain 2x
Vice-captain 1.5x
in announced Lineups 4
Playing Substitute (concussion, COVID, X-factor, impact player) 4
Economy Rate points (Min 5 overs to be bowled)
Below 2.5 runs per over 6
Between 2.5-3.49 runs per over 4
Between 3.5-4.5 runs per over 2
Between 4.51-6.99 runs per over 0
Between 7-8 runs per over -2
Between 8.01-9 runs per over -4
Above 9 Runs per over -6
Strike Rate (Min 20 Balls to be played)
Above 140 runs per 100 balls 6
Between 120.01-140 runs per 100 balls 4
Between 100-120 runs per 100 balls 2
Between 50.01-100 runs per 100 balls 0
Between 40-50 runs per 100 balls -2
Between 30-39.99 runs per 100 balls -4
Below 30 runs per 100 balls -6

You can check the fantasy points system for other formats of cricket on CrickPe Official site

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CrickPe app?

CrickPe is a fantasy cricket app where you build teams of real players, compete in contests, and earn points based on their live match performances.

Who is the owner of CrickPe app?

Ashneer Grover is the founder and CEO of CricPe fantasy sports app.

What is the minimum withdrawl in CrickPe app?

CricPe allows users to withdraw their winnings once they have a minimum balance of Rs 200 in their account.

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