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Fantasy Dangal Fantasy App

Fantasy Dangal App Info
Referral Code Possible11
Sign Up Bonus 500
Apple Store
Official Website https://fantasydangal.com/
App Rating 4.1
Total Downloads 1M
App Size 26.5
Minimum Withdrawal 200

Fantasy Dangal is the best new fantasy cricket app you can get your hands on. The app offers you various features along with a simple to understand interface. The most amazing part about this fantasy cricket app is that you will get regular updates. That will make your app smoother and better in terms of performance. Not only this, but this app will also help you polish your skills and knowing about the game better. Apart from that, this app also supports you in kickstarting your journey with one of a kind coupons that offer instant bonuses up to 100% on deposit which is not seen in most of the fantasy cricket apps available online.

The diverse demographics of Fantasy Dangal user base is a testament to its broad appeal. With users hailing from all parts of India, a significant portion of the audience comes from Gujarat and the Northern belt of the country. These demographics showcase the platform's ability to engage users from various regions, solidifying its position as a leading fantasy sports platform in India.

One of the key factors that set Fantasy Dangal apart is its relentless focus on customer satisfaction. The platform's unique reward programs, retention strategy, and user-friendly product have resonated strongly with its growing user base. The reward programs, in particular, have become a USP for Fantasy Dangal, setting it apart from industry norms.

Fantasy Dangal offers a range of features and offerings that have captivated users. Instant withdrawal, allowing users to withdraw up to INR 5 Lakhs within five seconds, demonstrates the platform's commitment to seamless transactions. Furthermore, the onboarding and deposit process is streamlined and hassle-free, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

On reaching One million users, Mr. Ankit Anand, Business Head, FantasyDangal, said I am thrilled and humbled to celebrate the remarkable milestone of one million users on our platform. Our success is a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, unique features, and industry-leading partnerships. We are grateful for the trust and loyalty our users have placed in us, and we remain dedicated to providing an exceptional fantasy sports experience for each and every one of them

What is Fantasy Dangal?

Following the resounding success achieved in the industry of online games, India's most trusted e-sports platform has brought you its whole new product as FantasyDangal – India's Ultimate Destination for Fantasy Sports.

Play and Win Fantasy Cricket Online on Fantasy Dangal App

Fantasy Cricket is a thing nowadays with which most people are completely familiar. You can have the new fantasy app download in your mobile phones now. It all started with cricket, that has been recognized as one of the most popular sports globally. Cricket is a game that gained attraction from people of different ages.

Talking about India, you will find a cricket fan in every street irrespective of age, gender, or other considerable parameters. Most of us have played and watched cricket and have tried to predict the matches once in a lifetime for sure. Then how can you join the bandwagon As simple as that, go for India’s most trusted fantasy app download.

This prediction and skill to judge a match near to accuracy have been a matter of great importance after the launch of the best fantasy app download, Fantasy Dangal. All the people who love predicting the performance of cricketers in a match and have ample information on the current form and track record of cricketers prefer fantasy sports apps to showcase their skills. A Fantasy sports app allows users to create their own playing 11 as per their knowledge and win money if the team performs well.

FantasyDangal Fantasy Points System

Action Points
Successful Raid Touchpoint +8
Raid Bonus +2
Unsuccessful Raid -2
Super Raid +4
Super 10 +4
Successful Tackle +20
Super Tackle +8
High Five +10
Unsuccessful Tackle -1
Green Card -2
Yellow Card -4
Red Card -6
Opposition All Out +8
Own Team All Out -4

Apart from this

  • Captain = 2x points
  • Vice-Captain = 1.5x points
  • In Starting seven = +8
  • Substitute appearance = +2

How to withdraw your money from FantasyDangal app?

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 2-4 business days, and the funds will be transferred to your linked bank account.

Please note that you must complete KYC verification before you can withdraw any funds.

  • Open the FantasyDangal App and log in to your account.
  • Tap on the "Account" option from the menu.
  • Select the "Withdraw" option.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 100).
  • Review the withdrawal details and confirm the transaction.

Download New Fantasy App ( Fantasy Dangal )

Keeping the love of cricket amongst the audience in mind, Fantasy Dangal has left no stone unturned to offer fans a platform to enjoy fantasy app download. Undoubtedly, Fantasy Dangal is one of India’s biggest online arenas for playing fantasy sports . The most amazing part about the platform is that you can play games on it anytime and anywhere via the Fantasy Dangal mobile application.

Not only this, you get the ultimate experience while playing fantasy sports on Fantasy Dangal, as the platform comes with different leagues and tournaments that allow you to win some real money. Unlike others, at Fantasy Dangal, you get four different fantasy cricket formats: classic fantasy, batting fantasy, bowling fantasy, and reverse fantasy. These things make Fantasy Dangal the best as well as new fantasy app download available in the market.

In the classic fantasy game, you are supposed to create a team of 11 players and start playing to make a good score. When it comes to batting and bowling fantasy, you can generate batting and bowling-centric teams with the best batters and bowlers to earn points and win money. In the reverse fantasy game, you are supposed to make a team of 11 weak players, and the team with the lowest points will be declared the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the CEO of Fantasy Dangal?

Varun Mahna is the Owner and CEO of Fantasy Dangal app.

What is the minimum withdrawl in Fantasy Dangal?

Fantasy Dangal requires a minimum withdrawal amount of ₹200. This is fairly standard within the fantasy sports industry, with some apps having similar or slightly higher limits.

Is Fantasy Dangal safe to use in India?

Yes Fantasy Dangal is safe and legal to use in India for adults.

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