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Sportsbaazi Fantasy App

Sportsbaazi App Info
Referral Code Possible11
Apple Store
Download APK https://www.ballebaazi.com/
Official Website https://www.ballebaazi.com/
App Rating 4.5
Total Downloads 8M+
App Size 15 MB
Minimum Withdrawal 100

What is BalleBaazi App

BalleBaazi App is a mobile app that provides a unique cricket gaming experience for cricket lovers. This app gives you a chance to test your knowledge and skills as well as win real money by participating in exciting contests.
Here are some of the key features of BalleBaazi App:

  • Fantasy Cricket Game: The main attraction of batting is its fantasy cricket game. You can create a virtual cricket team, earn points based on real matches and win cash prizes by reaching the top of the leaderboard.
  • Various Gaming Formats: Apart from cricket, the BalleBaazi app also offers a variety of other games, such as daily fantasy sports, quizzes, prediction games, and e-sports. With this you can entertain yourself by choosing the game of your choice.
  • High Prize Money: The competitions held on the BalleBaazi app have huge prize money. You can stand a chance of winning thousands of rupees every day, and in big tournaments, prizes can reach up to crores of rupees.
  • User Friendly Interface: The interface of Ballebaazi app is very simple and easy to use. You can navigate easily and play all the games without any hassle.
  • Social Experience: The Ballebazi app also gives you a chance to play and compete with your friends and family. You can create leagues, chat and share your performances.

Overall, BalleBaazi App is a great gaming platform for cricket lovers. It gives you a chance to win money along with entertainment. If you are crazy about cricket and love playing games, then definitely try BalleBaazi app.

Some additional information:

  • Ballebazi app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • The app is absolutely free to download and use.
  • You can deposit money into the app through your bank account or UPI.

Some advantages of BalleBaazi App:

  • This is a great gaming platform for cricket lovers.
  • It gives you a chance to test your knowledge and skills.
  • It gives you the chance to win real money.
  • It offers a variety of games, so you can choose the one you like.
  • It provides a user friendly interface.
  • It provides a social experience.

Some disadvantages of BalleBaazi App:

This is a gambling app, so it should be played responsibly.
This is a betting app, so you should be aware of your potential for loss.

What Is A Fantasy App?

Fantasy app is a mobile application that allows users to create their fantasy teams and compete with other players worldwide in various fantasy sports. These apps offer sports like cricket, football, basketball, cricket, and more, with options to create leagues, invite friends, and win prizes.

The list of fantasy apps can be endless, especially with new apps released every year. According to experts, the best fantasy apps should offer a seamless user experience and a wide range of sports, leagues, and competitions. It should have easy-to-use tools for creating and managing teams.

Additionally, the app should have a robust scoring system, detailed player statistics, and real-time updates to keep users engaged and informed. A handsome real cash reward becomes an added incentive for players and users willing to try out the fantasy app and enjoy various online sports.

This is where BalleBaazi comes in. It offers a variety of popular sports, including football and kabaddi, with unique features to enhance user experience and spill in unlimited opportunities to win BIG.

For now, let's delve deeper into fantasy apps before moving on to BalleBaazi Fantasy App and learn about the benefits of playing games on online fantasy apps.

What is fantasy points system in BalleBaazi App?

Action Points
Successful Raid Touchpoint +8
Raid Bonus +2
Unsuccessful Raid -2
Super Raid +4
Super 10 +4
Successful Tackle +20
Super Tackle +8
High Five +10
Unsuccessful Tackle -1
Green Card -2
Yellow Card -4
Red Card -6
Opposition All Out +8
Own Team All Out -4

Apart from this

  • Captain = 2x points
  • Vice-Captain = 1.5x points
  • In Starting seven = +8
  • Substitute appearance = +2

Benefits of playing online games on fantasy apps

Every sports lover of Cricket, Football or Kabaddi loves to play this game or wants to connect with the game by using their knowledge of the game on daily basis. This is where games on fantasy apps come in handy.

These apps offer fantasy cricket, fantasy football and fantasy kabaddi with different formats. Games allow players to use their understanding of the game to demonstrate and improve their skills and strategy-making ability. Players can also win big cash prizes by building a solid team of top players in their fantasy team.

Plus, the opportunity to strengthen relationships with friends, families, and coworkers while having tons of fun adds to an already long list of benefits.

How To Choose The Best Fantasy App?

Various factors contribute to determining the best fantasy app on the market. Due to the rise in popularity of fantasy sports and the use of fantasy apps to play them, various apps offering the most promising user experience and rewards have come into the market.

Therefore, we must look at certain aspects of the fantasy app before deciding if it is the best app for the user. These aspects are:

  • Multiple bonuses and promotions must exist on the app, like welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, festival promotions and bonus rewards.
  • The fantasy app must provide minimum investment and maximum returns.
  • Easy-to-understand user interface and minimal in-app friction for the most seamless user experience.
  • The app should have easy-to-use tools to create and manage multiple teams, an easy-to-understand scoring system, detailed player statistics, and real-time updates to keep users engaged and informed.
  • Users should be able to create custom contests and join private leagues to win bigger prizes and increase returns.
  • Responsible gaming features in the app promote healthy gaming behavior and encourage playing in moderation.
  • The app should keep user data safe through secure transactions besides facilitating instant deposits and withdrawals of your cash winnings.

How to play different games on fantasy apps? (Gameplay, Rules, Point System)

Undoubtedly, the games on the fantasy app are skill games, which require an understanding of the game from the player. There are certain steps that need to be followed to play online games on the fantasy app.

  • Click on the 'fantasy' tab on the home screen of the app.
  • Select the game you want to play.
  • Select players as per your game to create fantasy team.
  • Choose a captain and vice-captain from among the team players.
  • Join the league or competition you want to play in and pay the entry fee.
  • As soon as the match starts, your fantasy team will earn points based on the performance of the players you have selected.
  • Stay connected to BalleBaazi to check the team's performance in real time.
  • Win cash prizes according to your team's rank on the match leaderboard. Rank is determined according to points earned in fantasy sports.

The rules of fantasy apps vary according to the format and type of game played. This means that the rules of fantasy cricket are different from fantasy football or fantasy kabaddi.

The game scoring system in fantasy apps also varies depending on the game played. Furthermore, fantasy team players are awarded points according to their performance in the game. For example, the points system for an assist, tackle or penalty, raid or tackle in football and catch, stump or runout in Kabaddi varies according to the fantasy game.

How does Ballebazi top the fantasy app list?

BalleBaazi offers a wide online gaming experience through its various games, multiple formats, leagues and competitions. Furthermore, the app provides a seamless experience to all its users by providing real-time updates and news related to the game.

Several other aspects allow BalleBaazi to be the top fantasy app and they are:

Large User Base

BalleBaazi has a loyal user base of over 80 lakh across the country, allowing users to compete with other players on a large scale. As a result, the user can observe the opponents and develop necessary skills that help to rank higher and earn more.

Command Your Team

In BalleBaazi, you have complete control over your team. Here, you can add, remove or change the positions of players as per your observation, knowledge and skills until the batting or bowling team comes to the field.

This allows you to gain a sense of control and stay motivated because you have direct control over leading the team to success. The control you have over your team is so extensive that you can create and manage up to 25 teams at a time on BalleBaazi's fantasy game app.

Improves Decision-Making Skills

Playing fantasy sports on fantasy apps develops many skills including decision making skills. This is because the user considers various factors and situations like player stats, team dynamics and opponent's strengths and weaknesses while creating their team while playing on the fantasy app.

As a result, you learn different skills while playing games on fantasy apps which allows you to use those skills in real life. These skills can play an important role in professional development and personal growth.

Opportunity to Win Real Money

Playing on BalleBaazi gives the user many opportunities to win real money by playing their favorite game, league or competition. With so many leagues, formats and tournaments available to play throughout the year, the potential for earning more increases exponentially.

Play Multiple Formats

The option to play multiple formats of the fantasy game helps BalleBaazi stand out from the crowd. Here, you can play all or any of the available game formats as per your convenience and improve your chances of winning.

Expert Advice, Tips, News and Analysis

Every sports fan who wants to delve deeper into the world of sports plays on fantasy apps. This is where expert advice on team selection and tips, news and analysis for the game comes in. By staying updated on the latest developments in your favorite sport, you can make informed decisions on team building, formats, leagues or competitions.

Despite the extensive list of fantasy apps available in the Indian market, a sports fan who plays fantasy games knows by heart that BalleBaazi is the best fantasy app!

Referral Bonus and Partnership Program

Every fantasy sports fan knows the importance of referral bonuses. These plans offer bonus rewards that encourage users to invite their friends or family to the fantasy app and play together. Needless to say, players can use such rewards to play more games on the app.

One can say that the better the referral bonus and partnership program, the better the popularity of the fantasy app among players. So, start referring your favorite fantasy app BalleBaazi to your friends and family today and earn some extra money while enjoying your favorite sports.

Key Features of Ballebaazi Fantasy App

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is an important feature of the BalleBaazi fantasy app that sets it apart from other apps in the fantasy app list. As a responsible gaming platform, BalleBaazi ensures that its users engage in fair play and responsible gaming practices.

With its focus on responsible gaming, BalleBaazi has emerged as one of the best fantasy apps in the current Indian market, offering a safe and enjoyable gaming experience to all.

Games to play on Ballebaazi Fantasy App

The Ballebaazi Fantasy app has gained popularity among sports fans and fantasy game lovers, and it is easy to see why. It offers a ton of games to play and win real cash prizes, making it the best fantasy app in India.

One of the most popular games on Ballebaazi is Fantasy Cricket. Users can create their own virtual team of real-life players, compete with other players and participate in various tournaments including daily, weekly and monthly with different prize pools.

Apart from these popular games, Ballebaazi also offers other fantasy games like Fantasy Kabaddi. All these games are designed to provide an exciting and intense experience by allowing users to create a team and participate in various leagues and tournaments of the game.

Tips and Tricks to Earn Real Money on Ballebaazi Fantasy App

BalleBaazi Fantasy App The app offers a variety of games to play including cricket, football and basketball, where players can create their own team and compete with others to earn real money. But to win big and gain an edge against competitors on Ballebaazi, users need to know some tips and tricks and they are:

  • Do research before forming a team. Users must keep track of player statistics, team performance and weather conditions to make informed decisions. It is also important to keep an eye on injuries and player availability.
  • Build a balanced team by choosing a mix of batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders to ensure a good lineup. It is also important to consider the playing conditions – for example, spinners may be more effective than fast bowlers on a slow pitch.
  • Players should also pay attention to the selection of captain and vice-captain. These players earn double and 1.5 times the points respectively. Therefore, it is important to choose them wisely. Generally, the captain must be a consistent performer, while the vice-captain can be a risky option.
  • Finally, players should be mindful of their budget. Each player has a fixed price, and players must stay within their budget when choosing their team. It is important to prioritize players that offer good value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the new name of BalleBaazi?

BalleBaazi is now converted into SportsBaazi.

Who is the CEO of SportsBaazi?

Saurabh Chopra is the CEO and owner of fantasy sports app SportsBaazi.

What is TDS in Ballebaazi app?

Withdrawals over ₹9,999 will incur a 31.2% TDS charge on your winnings only (not your total withdrawal amount). You can use any remaining funds to join more BalleBaazi leagues and potentially win additional cash.

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