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Virat Kohli's reaction to Raina’s restaurant opening is going viral

By Akanksha - 2023-06-24 17:04:10
Virat Kohli's reaction to Raina’s restaurant opening is going viral

Image Source: Twitter

Suresh Raina's Brand New Restaurant Venture in Amsterdam

'We will definitely come over' - Virat Kohli reacts to Suresh Raina’s brand new restaurant venture in Amsterdam

Virat Kohli's reaction to Suresh Raina’s restaurant opening is going viral on Instagram. Former India batter Suresh Raina recently came forward to announce the launch of his new culinary venture in Amsterdam. Taking to social media, Raina shared the news with his fans and friends.virat kohli reaction

Several years after his retirement from international cricket, Raina will now set foot in an unexplored territory as he announced the opening of 'Raina Indian Restaurant'. As the 36-year-old decided to venture into unexplored territories, ace India batter Virat Kohli took to Instagram to react to the restaurant’s opening in Amsterdam. Sharing Raina’s post on his Instagram story, Virat Kohli congratulated the southpaw and promised to visit the place the next time he was in Amsterdam.

"Well done bro, @sureshraina3, Congratulations and next time we are in Amsterdam, we will definitely come over," Virat Kohli wrote on his Instagram story. Get ready for a culinary explosion like never before: Raina

Taking to Instagram about the opening of his restaurant, Suresh Raina reflected on how ecstatic he was about the launch of the venture and how he always wanted to bring Indian cuisine straight into Europe.

"Get ready for a culinary explosion like never before! I am absolutely ecstatic to introduce Raina Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam, where my passion for food and cooking takes centre stage! Prepare your taste buds for a remarkable journey where each dish tells a story and every bite is a celebration of Indian heritage," Raina wrote in the Instagram post.

"Over the years, you've seen my love for food and witnessed my culinary adventures, and now, I am on a mission to bring the most authentic and genuine flavors from different parts of India straight to Europe's heart," he added. Furthermore, several reports have also stated that the restaurant would be themed in such a way that the customers would be able to live through many memorable achievements of Raina’s illustrious cricketing career.

With Raina's expertise in the kitchen and his commitment to preserving the authentic flavors of India, this culinary adventure promises to be an experience like no other. As Virat Kohli rightly said, "Well done bro, @sureshraina3, Congratulations, and next time we are in Amsterdam, we will definitely come over."

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new addition to Amsterdam's dining scene, where Indian cuisine meets European sophistication. Let your taste buds revel in the fusion of flavors and celebrate the culinary heritage of India. Raina Indian Restaurant is set to take Amsterdam by storm, so be sure to join in on this extraordinary journey of taste and indulge in a symphony of flavors curated by the master himself, Suresh Raina.

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