How to win big amount in dream 11 daily

By Mehul - March 12, 2021 - Last updated on Nov 27, 2021 11:49 AM How to win big amount in dream 11 daily

What is Dream 11?

Dream11 is a Game of Skill where you create a team of real players for an upcoming match and compete with other fans for big prizes. Use your knowledge of sports to pick a team within a budget of 100 credits who you think will score the most points for the selected match.

Easy Tips for Winning big amount in Dream 11

To win big amount in Dream 11, there is a way called Grand Leagues where the reward is in Lakhs . The players are in large number and so is the reward.

Here are some of the major tips you can go through while making teams that will help winning big amount of money

  1. Dream 11 option of creating 11 teams. Remember that the more teams you create, the higher the chances you will win the contest. So, try to create multiple teams.
  2. Choosing the best players that have been giving a wonderful performance for the past few matches is a good idea. But, if you want to increase your winning chances, you will need to select those with a lower selection per cent.
  3. Most people select openers as the captain and the wicketkeeper. But if you want to win big you will have to take little risks and choose players who bat down the order and when openers fail to score those players will score making your chances to win big.
  4. Many top batsmen including Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, and Joe Root bat in the second and third positions. These are good players to pick in SL , but to win big and taking risks try to leave them from some of your teams.
  5. The captain, vice-captain, and every other player in your team gave their best. But, you lose it because of one player. That’s why you should try to create 3-4 teams with the same players.
  6. Change a few players and keep the captain and vice-captain the same. You might lose the match if the captain and vice-captain underperform. But, if they do well, then your chances of winning the grand league are quite good.
  7. Patience is the key to success, so you need to be patient in order to win grand leagues and big amounts.
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