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The 6IXTY, CPL Announce New T10 League Format 6IXTY With Some New Rules

By Kaif - June 24, 2022 - Last updated on Jun 24, 2022 12:28 PM The 6IXTY, CPL Announce New T10 League Format 6IXTY With Some New Rules

6IXTY, CPL Announce New T10 League Format 6IXTY, With Some New Rules, 60 Balls, 6 Wickets, Mystery Free hit, and All You Need To Know About

The rules of The 6IXTY League will be quite different from a normal match. In this league, a match will be of 10 overs and a team will have only six wickets, so lets know about this league.


West Indies cricket is preparing to revolutionize the T10 league. Under the Caribbean Premier League, preparations are being made to bring a league with 10-over matches, whose rules will be quite different. Its cord has been kept as The 6IXTY. In this league, there will be three teams of women and Six teams of mens cricket players. This league can take the excitement of cricket to a new level.

CPL made the announcement on social media through posts and a teaser video that featured West Indies legend, Chris Gayle. The league has been named 6IXTY.

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The 6IXTY Start Date

This league will start from 24th August and will run till 28th August. If this league gets good support from the audience in the first season, then the number of matches can be increased in the coming season. Here we are explaining the rules of The 6IXTY League.

The 6IXTY Tournament Rules

As ESPN Cricinfo reports, here are some of the strangest rules that the format will have.

  • In The Sixty League, each team will have six wickets. The innings will end as soon as the sixth wicket of any team falls or the innings will be completed after the completion of 10 overs.
  • The bowlers edge will not change after every over in this league. The first five overs will be from one end and the other five overs will be from the other end. No bowler will be able to bowl more than two overs.
  • There will usually be two powerplays in each match, but the batting team can also take a third powerplay by hitting two sixes in the first two overs.
  • If the bowler is unable to bowl all 10 overs within 45 overs, one fielder will be reduced in the last over and only 10 players from the fielding team will be on the field.
  • Fans will also have the right to vote for mystery-free hits through the app or website. The mystery-free hit will be the time in which the batsman is not out.
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