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Pakistan Sports Minister threatens CWC 2023 Participation

By Bhavya - 2023-07-10 16:37:23
Pakistan Sports Minister threatens CWC 2023 Participation

A potential storm is brewing in the cricketing world as Pakistan's Sports Minister, Ehsaan Mazari, has issued a stern warning to India. Mazari has threatened that if India decides against participating in the Asia Cup held in Pakistan, his country will retaliate by withdrawing from the highly anticipated 2023 World Cup to be hosted by India. The escalating tensions have cast a shadow over the bilateral cricketing relations between the two nations, raising concerns about the future of cricket diplomacy in the region.

The Standoff and Retaliatory Threats:

In an exclusive interview with The Indian Express, Sports Minister Ehsaan Mazari made it clear that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) falls under his ministry, giving him the authority to voice his personal opinion on matters concerning the game. Mazari stated that if India insists on playing their Asia Cup matches at a neutral venue, Pakistan will demand the same treatment for their World Cup matches in India. This response comes in the wake of a high-profile committee formed by Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to evaluate their participation in the upcoming World Cup.

Pakistan's Stance and Concerns:

Mazari's firm stance stems from his opposition to the concept of India playing their Asia Cup matches in Sri Lanka instead of Pakistan. He strongly believes that Pakistan should host all matches on its soil and accuses the Indian government of politicizing sports. He points out that other Indian sports teams have visited Pakistan, highlighting the need for cricket tours to resume between the two nations.

Addressing Security Concerns:

In response to security concerns, Mazari dismissed them as baseless, highlighting the recent visits of the New Zealand and England cricket teams to Pakistan, which were carried out under stringent security measures. He also mentioned the successful hosting of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), which featured foreign players, as evidence of the country's capability to provide a secure environment for cricket.

ICC's Call for Participation:

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has urged Pakistan to honor its commitment to participate in the World Cup, expressing confidence that they will be present in India for the prestigious tournament. The escalating tensions between the two cricketing nations have put the ICC in a delicate position, requiring diplomatic efforts to ensure the smooth progress of the tournament and maintain the spirit of fair competition.


The threat of Pakistan's withdrawal from the 2023 World Cup in response to India's potential absence from the Asia Cup has added fuel to the already complex cricketing relations between the two nations. The standoff reflects the broader political dynamics that often permeate into the realm of sports. As cricket fans, we hope for a resolution that allows the game to transcend political boundaries, fostering mutual respect and collaboration between nations on and off the field.

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