Most successful women's Cricket team

By Kaif - February 5, 2023 - Last updated on Feb 05, 2023 02:45 PM
Most successful women's Cricket team

Most successful women's Cricket team, This team has won the most titles, know which team is on which number

First played in 1973, two years before the Men's World Cup, the Women's ODI Cricket World Cup is the oldest global event in the world. The first edition was contested by seven teams, with hosts England defeating Australia to win the maiden ICC Women's World Cup title. So let's know who is the most successful women's cricket team.

Most successful women's Cricket team

NO.Most successful women's Cricket teamODI World CupT20I World Cup
3New Zealand10
4West Indies01

The 50-over one-day Women's Cricket World Cup began in 1973, the first edition of the championship to be played in the host country, England. 7 teams participated in it and 'England' became the first winner by defeating Australia in the final.

This year in 2022, the 12th season of the Women's Cricket World Cup was played in New Zealand, and the final match of the tournament took place between Australia and England on 03 April, where Australia won the Champions Trophy by defeating England by 71 runs and became the winner of the 12th season.

Most successful women's team in ODI cricket

3New Zealand370182178
5South Africa22711894
6West Indies20991108
7Sri Lanka1735711

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Most successful women's team in T20I cricket, For the first time, the Women's T20 Cricket World Cup was held in England in the year 2009, in which the England team defeated the New Zealand team in the final and captured this World Cup for the first time. The last time the Women's ODI Cricket World Cup was held in the year 2020, in which the Australian team defeated the Indian team in the final and won the title for the fifth time. Let us know which team is the most successful women's team in T20I cricket.

Most successful women's team in T20I cricket

4West Indies1557571
5New Zealand1508758
7South Africa1346070
8Sri Lanka1213483

Team India has not won a single World Cup

most successful womens cricket team 1

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Team India has been participating in the World Cup since its inception. The Indian team reached the finals in the 2017 Women's T20 World Cup. Earlier in this tournament, the Indian team has done its best by playing semi-finals in 2009, 2010 and 2018. Even though India has not captured the T20 World Cup even once. And didn't win the ODI world cup. The Indian team has played the ODI World Cup final twice.

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