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Best Women Fielder In The World, Top 5 Best Women Fielder In The World

By Kaif - March 4, 2023 - Last updated on Mar 07, 2023 04:28 PM
Best Women Fielder In The World, Top 5 Best Women Fielder In The World

Best Women Fielder In The World, Top 5 Best Women Fielder In The World

The fielders, batsmen and bowlers are the focal points of the game of cricket. While batsmen and bowlers grab most of the headlines, the contribution of fielders often goes unnoticed. However, a brilliant fielding performance has the potential to change the outcome of the match. The best fielder in the world always makes sure to control the flow of runs and put pressure on the opposition. Today we will tell you about the five best women fielders in the world.

Best Women Fielder In The World

No.Best Women FielderCountry
1Suzie BatesNew Zealand
2Jhulan GoswamiIndia
3Stafanie TaylorWest Indies
4Alex BlackwellAustralia
5Mithali RajIndia

Top 5 Best Women Fielder In The World

Suzie Bates - New Zealand

Suzie Bates

Image Source: Twitter

Suzie Bates is the former captain of the New Zealand team and one of the best fielders in women's cricket. Bates not only contributes with the bat and ball but also in the field. Bates has set an example as a captain for the entire team with his brilliant fielding. He holds the record for most catches in ODI history with an impeccable 66 catches in 123 innings.

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Jhulan Goswami - India

Jhulan Goswami

Image Source: Twitter

Jhulan Goswami is one of India's greats, she is not only the world's leading wicket-taker in Women's One Day Internationals but also an excellent fielder. Indian player Jhulan Goswami is second in the list of Best Fielder with 64 catches in 181 innings of ODI Cricket.

Stafanie Taylor - West Indies

Stafanie Taylor

Image Source: Twitter

West Indies captain Stafanie Taylor is popularly known for leading her team to victory in the 2016 T20 World Cup and being the player of the tournament. Taylor is an excellent outfield fielder who always rises to the occasion.

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Alex Blackwell - Australia

Alex Blackwell

Image Source: Twitter

Alex Blackwell is the former Australian batsman. Blackwell has taken 55 catches in 144 ODIs, making her number 4th in the list of Top 5 Best Women Fielder In The World.

Mithali Raj - India

Mithali Raj

Image Source: Twitter

Number 5 on our list is Mithali Raj who is the longest serving player of Indian cricket and arguably the biggest name in Indian cricket history. Mithali Raj's batting stats speak for themselves but she is also a world class fielder who leads her team by example. Mithali Raj has also taken 53 catches in 208 ODIs in ODI cricket.

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