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1983 World Cup Final Match Scorecard, India vs West Indies

By Kaif - June 18, 2022 - Last updated on Jun 18, 2022 03:49 PM 1983 World Cup Final Match Scorecard, India vs West Indies

1983 World Cup Final Match Scorecard, India vs West Indies, India won this historic match

ICC World Cup 1983 Final

The third tournament of the ICC Cricket World Cup was played in England and Wales from 9 to 25 June 1983. 8 teams participated in it and it was won by India by defeating West Indies.

There have been 13 ICC Cricket World Cup tournaments so far. Australia is the most successful country which has won 5 world cups. After this, India and West Indies are the only two countries that have won the World Cup twice. India won the first ICC Cricket World Cup 39 years ago today on 25 June 1983 by defeating the West Indies.

In fact, winning this tournament is considered a big achievement for India because at that time the West Indies team was considered to be the best team in the whole world, before that it had won the World Cup title twice in a row.

1983 World Cup Final Scorecard

India Innings - 183-10 (54.4 Ov)

Sunil Gavaskarc Dujon b Roberts2120016.67
Kris Srikkanthlbw b Marshall38577166.67
Mohinder Amarnathb Holding26803032.5
Yashpal Sharmac sub (AL Logie) b Gomes11321034.38
Sandeep Patil c Gomes b Garner27290193.1
Kapil Dev (c)c Holding b Gomes15830187.5
Kirti Azadc Garner b Roberts03000
Roger Binnyc Garner b Roberts280025
Madan Lalb Marshall17270162.96
Syed Kirmanib Holding14430032.56
Balwinder Sandhunot out11301036.67
Extras20 (b 5, lb 5, nb 1, w 9)
TOTAL183 (54.4 Ov, RR: 3.36)

Indian Innings - Fall of Wickets

1-2 (Sunil Gavaskar), 2-59 (Kris Srikkanth), 3-90 (Mohinder Amarnath), 4-92 (Yashpal Sharma), 5-110 (Kapil Dev), 6-111 (Kirti Azad), 7-130 (Roger Binny), 8-153 (Sandeep Patil), 9-161 (Madan Lal), 10-183 (Syed Kirmani)

West Indies Bowling Card

Andy Roberts 1033233.2
Joel Garner1242412
Malcolm Marshall1112422.18
Michael Holding9.422622.69
Larry Gomes1114924.45
Viv Richards10808

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West Indies Innings - 140-10 (52 Ov)

Gordon Greenidge b Sandhu112008.33
Desmond Haynesc Binny b Madan Lal13332039.39
Viv Richardsc Kapil Dev b Madan Lal332870117.86
Clive Lloyd (c)c Kapil Dev b Binny8171047.06
Larry Gomesc Gavaskar b Madan Lal5160031.25
Faoud Bacchusc Kirmani b Sandh8250032
Jeff Dujonb Amarnath25730134.25
Malcolm Marshallc Gavaskar b Amarnath18510035.29
Andy Robertslbw b Kapil Dev4140028.57
Joel Garnernot out5190026.32
Michael Holdinglbw b Amarnath6240025
Extras14 (lb 4, w 10)
TOTAL140 (52 Ov, RR: 2.69)

Fall of Wickets

1-5 (Gordon Greenidge), 2-50 (Desmond Haynes), 3-57 (Viv Richards), 4-66 (Larry Gomes), 5-66 (Clive Lloyd), 6-76 (Faoud Bacchus), 7-119 (Jeff Dujon), 8-124 (Malcolm Marshall), 9-126 (Andy Roberts), 10-140 (Michael Holding)

India Bowling Card

Kapil Dev1142111.91
Balwinder Sandhu913223.56
Madan Lal1223132.58
Roger Binny1012312.3
Mohinder Amarnath701231.71
Kirti Azad30702.33

1983 World Cup Winner

In this way the West Indies team, considered to be the world champion, was bundled out for only 140 runs and got the second new world champion in the form of India in the world of cricket. This was the first World Cup for the Indian team. India will complete 39 years of this glorious victory on 25 June 2022.

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