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Watch Video: Mohammed Shami Saves Man Life After Road Accident

By Rohit - November 28, 2023 01:32 PM

Indian cricket star Mohammed Shami emerged as a real-life hero by saving a man's life following a car accident in Nainital. The incident occurred on Saturday night when Shami witnessed a car veering off the hilly road and plummeting downhill. Without hesitation, Shami sprang into action, along with others present at the scene, and swiftly pulled the injured man out of the wreckage.

Shami's prompt action prevented further harm to the accident victim, who narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation. The cricketer's heroic act has garnered widespread praise, highlighting his bravery and compassion beyond his cricketing prowess.

Taking to social media, Shami shared a video of the incident, expressing gratitude for the man's second chance at life. "He's so lucky God gave him a second life," Shami captioned the video. "His car fell down from the hill road near Nainital just in front of my car. We took him out very safely."

Shami's swift and selfless act serves as a testament to his character, extending his influence beyond the cricket field to become a real-life savior.

"I like travelling, fishing. I like driving a lot. I like driving bike and cars. But after playing for India, I have stopped driving bikes. What if I get injured? I drive bike on highways, may be sometimes in village when I go to meet my mom," Mohammed Shami said on PUMA's YouTube channel.

"Zameen se hi aaya hu. Kheto ki jo booghi hoti hai, I have driven tractor, bus, trucks. I have driven bus in truck. One of my school friends had a truck in his house. He told me to drive. I was small then and was driving on a ground. I drove our tractor into the pond too. My father scolded me."

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