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PCB Urges Compensation If India Refuses For Champions Trophy 2025

By Akanksha - November 29, 2023 03:13 PM

Pakistan is getting ready to host the Champions Trophy in 2025, which has the cricket world excited. Notwithstanding the enthusiasm, political concerns between Pakistan and neighbouring cricket powerhouse India cast doubt on the hosting situation.

Owing to the Asia Cup's hybrid format, which sees Sri Lanka host the bulk of games, including the championship match, India decided not to go to Pakistan for the competition earlier this year. Concerns were aroused by the rejection, and it was questioned if India would ever take part in another event that Pakistan would hold.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has received word from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that they are prepared to sign the contract to host the Champions Trophy in 2025. There is, however, a significant caveat: payment if India declines to visit Pakistan on the grounds of political or security.

There is still some ambiguity over the tournament's future because the ICC and PCB have not finalized the hosting deal. The discussions are made more problematic by Pakistan's nomination as the host by the governing body.

In Ahmedabad, PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf and COO Salman Naseer met with the ICC executive board to talk about the logistics of hosting the Champions Trophy in February and March of 2025. The main topic of conversation was the possible difficulties caused by India's unwillingness to play in Pakistan.

PCB Urges Compensation If India Refuses For Champions Trophy 2025

According to the source, "Pakistani officials discussed the likelihood that the Indian board (BCCI) would once more refuse to send its team to Pakistan and made it clear that the ICC must avoid taking unilateral decisions on the tournament in any given situation."

If India declines to play in Pakistan, PCB authorities stressed the necessity of an impartial security agency evaluating the security environment. The agency will guarantee a thorough assessment of the safety circumstances for every participating team, including India, working with the government and security officials of Pakistan.

The PCB boldly demanded that the ICC reimburse Pakistan for the financial and logistical costs incurred if India decides to withdraw and the matches are moved to another nation. The board's argument was supported by the fact that Pakistan has successfully hosted elite teams in the past without raising any security issues.

"Many elite teams have visited Pakistan in the previous two years, according to PCB officials, with no security issues. They also stated unequivocally that the International Cricket Council (ICC) would have to reimburse Pakistan if India failed to send a squad and the matches were rescheduled to another nation," the source continued.

Given the tense ties between the Indian and Pakistani governments, the PCB emphasized the likelihood that India may withdraw from the Pakistan series for security and political reasons. This admission highlights the fine line that cricket administrators walk in an area characterized by complicated geopolitical issues.

"The BCCI representative insisted that any decision regarding India's 2025 tour of Pakistan would only be made by their government, and they were obligated to abide by it," he stated.

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