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ICC New Rules: These rules of cricket will change from October 1

By Akshay - September 20, 2022 02:48 PM

ICC New Rules

ICC Cricket New Rules After discussing the rules suggested by the MCC, the ICC has announced the implementation of the new rules of cricket. These rules will come into effect from October 1, which is beneficial for many batsmen and bowlers.

Many rules of cricket will change from October 1. This has been announced by the ICC. The ICC made this announcement after the Sourav Ganguly-led Chief Executives Committee (CEC) deliberated on the recommendations made by the MCC to discuss the third edition of the MCC's 2017 laws. These recommendations were also shared with the Women's Cricket Committee.

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New rules come into force on October 1

Rules for applying saliva to the ball by bowlers-

This rule was made in view of the Corona epidemic, but it was found in so many days that it does not make any difference in the swing of the bowlers, so this rule will be implemented forever from 1 October.

Rules for taking strike by new batter after catch out

Under the new rule, if a batsman is caught out, then the new batsman who comes will take the strike until the over is over. Earlier it used to happen that if the batsmen crossed each other while trying to take a run during the catch, the new batsman went to the non-striker. This rule was considered against the bowlers. After the change, it will give relief to the bowlers.

Deadline to come to take strike

A batsman coming in after a wicket will now have to be ready to take a strike within two minutes in Tests and ODIs, while the current limit of ninety seconds will remain in force in T20Is.

Striker's right to play the ball-

This would require some part of the bat or person to remain within the pitch. If they overtake, the umpire will call and signal a dead ball. Any ball which forces the batsman to leave the pitch is also called a no ball.

Unfair movement by fielding side-

The umpire can now award five penalty runs to the batting side, in addition to what the umpire calls a dead ball, for an unfair movement by the fielding side while bowling.

Run out attempt towards striker's end before delivery:

If the non-striker goes beyond the crease before the ball is bowled, he can run the batsman out, but now it is called a dead ball.

Some other changes that will apply

Apart from these big rules, the penalty rule introduced in T20I cricket in January 2022 will now be implemented in ODIs as well. However, in ODIs, this rule will be implemented after the World Cup 2023. Under this rule, the fielding side has to complete their overs within the prescribed time limit. Otherwise, they have to keep an extra player in the 30 yard circle. That is, in the last over, 5 players have to be kept instead of 4 in the 30 yard circle.

In addition, it has also been decided that the conditions of play for all men's and women's ODI and T20I matches will be amended so that hybrid pitches can be used if agreed to by both the teams. Currently, hybrid pitches can only be used in women's T20I matches.

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