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'Why can't bazball work in India?' R Ashwin's response to this

By Akanksha - August 2, 2023 - Last updated on Aug 02, 2023 11:38 PM
'Why can't bazball work in India?' R Ashwin's response to this

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In a recent candid interview on his YouTube channel, Indian spinner R Ashwin delved into the concept of Bazball and why it may not find success within the Indian cricketing context. He emphasized the need for strong support from selectors, fans, and management to make any playing style work, discussing the upcoming ICC 2023 ODI World Cup and the challenges India may face during a transition phase. Let's explore the insightful thoughts shared by Ashwin and understand the unique cricketing culture in India.

The Clash of Cultures:

Bazball, a revolutionary and aggressive style of play, has garnered attention in the cricketing world, especially in England. However, R Ashwin firmly believes that adopting this approach in India may not yield the same results. He argues that India's cricketing culture doesn't readily support players who consistently produce poor outcomes due to the aggressive approach Bazball demands. In fact, he went on to suggest that selectors and fans would be reluctant to back players who want to live and die by Bazball's principles.

Ashwin acknowledged that India is currently performing well in Test cricket, but he anticipates a transition phase ahead. During this time, the team may encounter difficulties, and adopting Bazball could amplify those challenges. Ashwin presented a hypothetical scenario where a player, influenced by Bazball, throws their bat at everything but fails to produce favorable results. In such a situation, Ashwin asserted that at least four players from the playing XI would likely be dropped - a testament to India's traditional cricketing culture.

Cultural Differences and Their Impact:

The key to Bazball's success lies not only in the playing style but also in the unwavering support from the management, selectors, and fans. Ashwin compared the English cricket team, where Bazball has seen success, to India, emphasizing that their success is attributable to their entire cricketing ecosystem embracing the approach. In England, the management supports this style of play, selectors back the players, and even the Test match watching public shows unwavering support.

The ICC 2023 ODI World Cup and India's Journey:

Switching gears, Ashwin talked about the upcoming ICC 2023 ODI World Cup and the need for positive support from the fans and crowds. He stressed that winning a World Cup is no easy feat and that the team must unite and support each other during the tournament. Ashwin expressed frustration with hindsight operations, where fans often question specific player selections or omissions after disappointing results. Instead, he urged everyone to focus on the collective effort and the team's performance on the day of the match.

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R Ashwin's insights on the compatibility of Bazball with Indian cricketing culture provide a valuable perspective on the complexities and challenges faced by the team during its transition phase. He highlights the significance of unwavering support from selectors, management, and fans to make any playing style work effectively. As India prepares for the ICC 2023 ODI World Cup, Ashwin's call for positive backing and unity serves as a reminder of the team's potential and the need to focus on collective efforts rather than individual criticism.

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