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The Top Five Most Ducks in ODI for India

By Akanksha - 2023-08-02 00:14:08
 The Top Five Most Ducks in ODI for India

Cricket, the beloved sport of India, has witnessed many remarkable players who have etched their names in history with incredible feats. Some are remembered for their brilliant centuries, while others for their mastery with the ball. However, today, we will embark on a journey to celebrate a unique and lesser-known aspect of the game - ducks, or the instances where a batsman is dismissed without scoring a single run.

India, being a cricket-crazy nation, boasts a star-studded list of players who have suffered the dreaded fate of ducks in One Day Internationals (ODIs). From the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar to the iconic spin wizard Anil Kumble, this blog will explore the careers of these players, with an emphasis on their unfortunate streaks of ducks.

S No. Player Mat Inn Runs Highest Avg 100s 50s Ducks
1 Sachin Tendulkar 463 452 18,426 200* 44.83 49 96 20
2 Javagal Srinath 229 121 883 53 10.63 - 1 19
3 Anil Kumble 269 134 903 26 10.37 - - 18
4 Yuvraj Singh 301 275 8,609 150 36.47 14 52 18
5 Harbhajan Singh 234 126 1,213 49 13.32 - - 17

1. Sachin Tendulkar - The God of Cricket:

Sachin tendulkar

Image Source: Twitter

The first name that comes to mind when we talk about cricket legends is none other than Sachin Tendulkar. Fondly known as the "Little Master" or the "God of Cricket," Tendulkar's illustrious career spanned an astounding 463 ODIs. While he amassed a record-breaking 18,426 runs, scored 49 centuries and 96 half-centuries, there was one aspect of his career that is often overshadowed - his 20 ducks.

Despite his immense skill and ability to dominate the bowlers, even Sachin couldn't escape the occasional failure, finding himself dismissed without a run on 20 occasions. It is a testament to the fact that even the greatest players encounter moments of vulnerability.

2. Javagal Srinath - The Pacer with a Bat:

Javagal Srinath

Image Source: Twitter

Javagal Srinath, a fast bowler known for his fierce pace and lethal swing, contributed significantly to India's bowling arsenal. However, the cricketing world was surprised to find Srinath's name among the players with a high number of ducks.

In 229 ODIs, Srinath faced the ignominy of 19 ducks, an unexpected statistic for a man predominantly known for his prowess with the ball. While his batting average of 10.63 may not be flattering, his bowling records more than compensated for these rare instances of failure.

3. Anil Kumble - The Spin Maestro:

anil kumble

Image Source: Twitter

Anil Kumble, one of India's finest spinners, will forever be celebrated for his incredible contributions with the ball. Known for his "never-give-up" attitude, Kumble is the third player on this unique list with 18 ducks to his name in 269 ODIs.

While Kumble's batting was not his primary strength, he occasionally had to wield the willow to aid his team. In doing so, he encountered a few failures, demonstrating that even world-class bowlers can struggle with the bat.

4. Yuvraj Singh - The Sixer King:

Yuvraj Singh

Image Source: Twitter

Yuvraj Singh, a name synonymous with match-winning performances, was an explosive batsman capable of demolishing any bowling attack. His exploits in the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2011 ODI World Cup are etched in cricketing folklore.

However, amidst his brilliance, Yuvraj also faced his share of ducks, with 18 occurrences in his 301 ODI appearances. Despite these occasional setbacks, Yuvraj's overall batting average of 36.47 showcases his impact on the game and his ability to shine during critical moments.

5. Harbhajan Singh - The Turbanator:

 Harbhajan Singh

Image Source: Twitter

Harbhajan Singh, the "Turbanator," was a charismatic off-spinner who bamboozled batsmen with his flight and spin. During his 234 ODI matches, Harbhajan contributed both with the ball and occasionally with the bat.

While he wasn't primarily known for his batting, he had to face the disappointment of being dismissed without scoring 17 times. Nevertheless, his impressive record as a bowler will always be remembered, making him an integral part of India's cricketing legacy.

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Cricket is a game of uncertainties, where the greatest players can experience moments of vulnerability. As we celebrated the illustrious careers of these cricketing legends, we must remember that ducks are an inevitable part of the game. These instances of failure did not define their careers but rather emphasized the human aspect of the sport.

In this blog, we explored the tales of Sachin Tendulkar, Javagal Srinath, Anil Kumble, Yuvraj Singh, and Harbhajan Singh - five players who had their fair share of ducks in ODIs. Their contributions to Indian cricket go far beyond these minor setbacks, and they will always be cherished as the heroes who brought joy and pride to millions of cricket fans across the nation.

So, the next time you witness a player facing the dreaded duck, remember that even the greatest have endured this fate. Cricket is a game that humbles even the mightiest, making it all the more thrilling and unpredictable.

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