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When was the first test match played

By Ravi - November 30, 2023 - Last updated on Nov 30, 2023 05:08 PM
When was the first test match played

When was the first test match played

Test cricket is a form of first-class cricket played between fully represented teams at international level. This is going to last for five days. Test matches had no time limit and were called timeless tests.

Many international matches since 1877 have been retroactively granted Test status. The first such match took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in March 1877 between the teams then known as the Combined Australian XI and James Lillywhite's XI, the latter a team of touring English professionals. Matches between Australia and England were first called Test matches in 1892. The first definitive list of retrospective trials was written two years later by South Australian journalist Clarence P. Moody and by the turn of the century, it had gained acceptance.

ICC member countries are playing Test cricket. Day/night Tests were permitted by the ICC in 2012 and the first day/night match was between Australia and New Zealand at the Adelaide Oval in November 2015.

Australia vs EnglandThe first Test match in cricket history was played between Australia and England in Melbourne on March 15–19, 1877. Australia won this match by 45 runs.

Development of international cricket

Cricket All England began to be played in the 18th century, but these teams were not truly representative. Early international cricket was disrupted by the French Revolution and the French Revolution. For the first time, a foreign team was organized to tour England. 1868 Australian Aboriginal national tours by English teams began in 1859 with tours to North America, Australia and New Zealand. It took place between 24 and 26 September 1844. The game could not be played on the 25th due to bad weather.

test cricket

The 1884–85 series was the first series to be held over five matches. The English sports writer Alfred Shaw, writing in 1901, considered this team to be the best ever to leave England. South Africa became the third team to play Test cricket in 1888–89, when they hosted a weak touring England team. Before the First World War, Australia, England and South Africa were the only countries playing Test cricket.

Teams With Test Status

Test status is awarded by the ICC to a country or group of countries. There are currently twelve men's teams that have been granted this status: international teams that do not have Test status can play first-class cricket under Test-like conditions in the ICC Intercontinental Cup.

The Dates of Each Team Test debut are

Team Date Year
Australia 15 March 1877
England 15 March 1877
South Africa 12 March 1889
West Indies 23 June 1928
New Zealand 10 January 1930
India 25 June 1932
Pakistan 16 October 1952
Sri Lanka 17 February 1982
Zimbabwe 18 October 1992
Bangladesh 10 November 2000
Ireland 11 May 2018
Afghanistan 14 June 2018

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