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What is Yo-Yo test and DEXA, necessary for Indian players, Know all about them

By Kaif - January 1, 2023 - Last updated on Jan 01, 2023 07:10 PM
What is Yo-Yo test and DEXA, necessary for Indian players, Know all about them

Image Source: BCCI-Twitter

What is Yo-Yo test and DEXA, necessary for Indian players, Know all about them

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) held a review meeting on Sunday regarding the poor performance in the T20 World Cup and preparing the roadmap ahead. Many important decisions have been taken in this meeting. Most of these decisions have been taken regarding the fitness of the players. Now passing Yo-Yo test and Dexa has been made mandatory for the selection of players in the national team.

Looking at the mental health of the players during the corona in the yo-yo test, some leniency was exercised. However, now again the yo-yo test has been made mandatory. Also DEXA which is called Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry has been implemented. Lets know about these two.

What is Yo-Yo test

what is yo yo test and dexa necessary for indian players know all about them 2

Image Source: Dexa Test-Twitter

The Yo-Yo Test in Indian cricket has been a topic of discussion for the last several years. Before Corona, it was necessary to pass this test for selection in Team India. It was relaxed at the time of Corona. Due to the yo-yo test, there has been a lot of improvement in the fitness of the Indian players. Just before the 15th season of IPL, many Indian players including Hardik Pandya and Prithvi Shaw had their yo-yo test. Hardik passed the test, but Prithvi failed.

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Even before this, many players have failed in the yo-yo test. These include players like Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Mohammed Shami, Sanju Samson and Varun Chakraborty. Now the yo-yo test has been made mandatory even for playing IPL. That is, the players who are in the central contract of BCCI, they will have to pass the yo-yo test. If this does not happen then he will not be able to play IPL. Since Prithvi was not in the central contract, due to this he played in IPL 2022.

  • The yo-yo test is similar to the beep test. It is a running test in which running has to be done between two sets.
  • The distance between the two sets is 20 metres. It is roughly equal to the length of a cricket pitch.
  • During this the players have to run from one set to the other and then from the second set to the first set.
  • Once this distance is covered a shuttle is complete.
  • The test starts from the fifth level. This continues till 23rd level.
  • After each shuttle, the running time decreases, but the distance does not decrease.
  • Indian players have to score 16.5 out of 23 in the yo-yo test.
  • The yo-yo test was invented by Danish football physiologist Dr. Jens Bangsbo in the 1990s.
  • This is called Intermittent Recovery Test (Yo-Yo Test). After this, slowly other sports started adopting the yo-yo test.
  • This test was added to the Indian cricket team in 2017. Then strength and conditioning coach Shankar Basu implemented this test on the Indian team.

What is DEXA test

what is yo yo test and dexa necessary for indian players know all about them 1

Image Source: Dexa Test-Twitter

Many years ago, skinfold test was done to check the fitness of the players. After this, DEXA test was started for this. Team India followed the skinfold test for many days, but the measurement of body fat percentage of that test was not correct. After this, Dexa test was started for accurate assessment of body fat.

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However, Dexa was later discontinued. Now this test is back again. Actually, in todays time, bone and joint pain is very common for players. From Rohit Sharma, Jaspreet Bumrah, Deepak Chahar to Rohit Sharma, he has stayed away from cricket for a long time due to bone injury. In such a situation, now the BCCI is looking into this matter seriously.

The BCCI wants that players can be detected before such a problem occurs. The Dexa scan is the international standard for measuring body composition and bone health. This is a ten-minute test that measures body fat. With this, the health of bone mass, fat tissue and muscles in the body can be detected. It is also called a bone mineral density (BMD) test. Lets know what is this test.

  • This test is done to check the strength of bones.
  • Through this test, the density of bones is tested with the help of a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) machine.
  • Apart from this, the cause of the weakness of bones is detected by the Dexa test.
  • Through this test, information about calcium and other minerals present in the bones is obtained.

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