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What Is Smart Replay System: BCCI introduces Smart Replay System in IPL 2024

By Kaif - March 20, 2024 - Last updated on Mar 20, 2024 10:41 AM
What Is Smart Replay System: BCCI introduces Smart Replay System in IPL 2024

The 17th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to start from March 22. This time smart replay system is also going to be used in IPL. This will bring faster and more accuracy in review decisions.

BCCI introduces Smart Replay System in IPL 2024

Now only a few hours are left for the start of IPL 2024. The opening match of this tournament is to be played between defending champion Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. A big news has come out before the start of the tournament. This time smart replay system is also going to be used in IPL.

Before IPL 2024, good news has come for the fans. Now TV umpires will have a better system to give decisions during the match, which will reduce the questions raised on some decisions in the last several seasons. Smart replay system will be implemented in IPL 2024 to take right decisions and give better and accurate decisions during the match. Let us know what is Smart Replay System, how does it work and who will benefit from it?

What Is Smart Replay System

'Smart Replay System' will be introduced in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 to bring speed and accuracy in decisions. According to ESPN Cricinfo, the TV umpire will get direct inputs from two operators of the 'Hawk Eye' system who will sit in the same room with him and will be assisted by images taken from eight high-speed cameras installed on the field. Within this new system, the role of the TV broadcast director, who has been working to exchange information between the umpire and Hawk-Eye operators, will not be necessary.

  • There are eight Hawk-Eye cameras present at every match. With two on each side of square leg and two straight boundaries on each side of the pitch. Before IPL 2023, ball tracking and Ultra Edge were the primary uses for the Hawk-Eye cameras.
  • Therefore, for any on-field referrals, except LBW and edge reviews, the broadcaster mostly used footage from its own cameras.
  • Under the new smart replay system, this will include referrals for stumping, run-out, catch and overthrow. When a stumping referral occurs, the TV umpire will request the Hawk-Eye operators to view the split screen through the Smart Review system.
  • The new technology will allow the TV umpire to display Tri-Vision for stumpings, which is effectively a single frame of film from both the side-on and front-on cameras.
  • The conversation between the TV umpire and the Hawk-Eye operator is likely to be telecast live, allowing viewers to better understand the thought process behind the decisions. The ECB had previously tested a similar referral system in the Hundred.
  • With this, about 15 umpires including Indian and foreign umpires will use the smart replay system in this IPL. A similar referral system was used by the England and Wales Cricket Board in 'The Hundred' Tournament.

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