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Will Jasprit Bumrah Return for World Cup 2023 ?

By Akanksha - June 29, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 29, 2023 09:16 PM
Will Jasprit Bumrah Return for World Cup 2023 ?

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India received both good news and a potential setback concerning Jasprit Bumrah's recovery from injury, just moments after the announcement of the World Cup 2023 schedule.

Bumrah, the leading pace bowler for the Indian cricket team, had been out of action since September of the previous year due to a stress fracture in his back. Despite undergoing surgery in New Zealand four months ago, his return to the field remains uncertain, with no specific timeline provided.

However, amidst the uncertainty, a recent update has emerged, offering a glimmer of hope to Indian cricket fans eagerly awaiting Bumrah's return, possibly in time for the World Cup. According to a report by PTI, Bumrah has resumed bowling as part of his rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru. The 29-year-old is currently bowling seven overs per day, which is a positive development at this crucial stage.

Earlier speculations had suggested that Bumrah might make his comeback during the T20I series against Ireland following the West Indies tour. However, these plans have now been put on hold. The exact timing of Bumrah's return and whether he will regain his previous form are questions that have haunted Indian cricket fans for almost a year. Nevertheless, the fact that he is back to bowling is undoubtedly uplifting news for his supporters.

A source closely monitoring Bumrah's progress shared insights with PTI, stating, "For an injury of this nature, it is not wise to set any timeline as constant monitoring is necessary. But it can be said that Bumrah is recovering well, and he has bowled seven overs at NCA nets. It is a steady increase in his workload from the light workouts and bowling sessions of the initial period. He will play a few practice matches (at NCA) next month, and there will be a close assessment of his fitness then."

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Image Source: Twitter

Recently, a photograph circulated on the internet, capturing injured Indian players, including Rishabh Pant, KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, and Mohammed Siraj, at the NCA. However, Bumrah was notably absent from the image. Reports suggest that only a select few, including former cricketer VVS Laxman, are privy to the details of Bumrah's recovery. The management has opted to keep the updates on his progress private until those involved in the process are satisfied.

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While the news of Bumrah resuming bowling at the NCA brings hope, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) must exercise caution and avoid rushing him back into action, as it may worsen his condition. Ramji Srinivasan, a former strength and conditioning coach of the Indian team, strongly recommends giving Bumrah ample time for a complete recovery, even if it means him missing the World Cup.

"He should not be hurried. Playing practice matches at the NCA is a good step as it will help tune his body to the demands of a match. But he should be made to play in some actual (domestic) matches before bringing him to top-level cricket. The demands of international cricket are different, and the body should be absolutely ready to take that amount of workload. Recovering from a stress fracture is a delicate exercise, and Bumrah should be allowed maximum recovery time," Srinivasan advised.

In conclusion, the news of Jasprit Bumrah's return to bowling at the NCA is a positive development for Team India and their fans. However, it is essential for the BCCI and the team management to prioritize his long-term recovery and not rush him back into competitive cricket prematurely. With former experts emphasizing the need for caution and adequate recovery time, it remains to be seen when Bumrah will make his much-anticipated comeback and if he will regain his previous form. Until then, fans will eagerly await further updates on his progress and recovery, hoping to witness his bowling prowess on the international stage once again.

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