Top 10 Players with Most Runs in the Ranji Trophy in 2024

By Akanksha - February 11, 2024 - Last updated on Feb 12, 2024 10:41 AM
Top 10 Players with Most Runs in the Ranji Trophy in 2024

There's a unique location where up-and-coming talent leaves their imprint in the heartlands of India, where cricket is more than just a game—it's a way of life. Though it's sometimes disregarded in favour of major international cricket matches, local cricket matches are where future stars are made. Let's now examine some amazing players who have made a significant impact on Indian domestic cricket.

Top 10 Most Runs in the Ranji Trophy in 2024

No Player Team Runs Matches Avg
10 Rajat Paliwal SER 583 6 72.88
9 Suyash Prabhudessai GOA 592 6 59.20
8 Ankit Bawne MAHA 601 6 46.23
7 Bhupen Lalwani MUM 641 6 53.42
6 Cheteshwar Pujara SAU 676 6 56.33
5 Umang Kumar GUJ 725 6 51.79
4 Narayan Jagadeesan TN 725 6 120.83
3 Ricky Bhui AND 768 6 64.00
2 Sachin Baby KER 794 6 61.08
1 Devdutt Padikkal KAR 822 5 91.33

10. Rajat Paliwal: 583 runs

Rajat Paliwal

Image Source: Twitter

The amount of time Rajat Paliwal spent playing domestic cricket demonstrates his unwavering devotion to the sport. With an outstanding average of 72.88 and a high score of 122, he has been a vital member of the Services squad. He has shown to be a dependable asset by stabilizing the team's innings and adjusting to various circumstances. Paliwal epitomises the values of discipline, devotion, and putting the team ahead of oneself, which are important to the Services cricket culture.

9. Suyash Prabhudessai: 592 runs

Suyash Prabhudessai

Image Source: Twitter

Suyash Prabhudessai is a young cricket player who is creating waves in the serene surroundings of Goa. His daring manner and impressive batting abilities have been drawing attention. Prabhudessai is striking the ball with such flare that selectors and talent scouts can't help but take note. He has scored an incredible 592 runs in just 6 matches. His 59.2 average tells you a lot about his skill and consistency. His combination of power and accuracy at the crease leaves onlookers in wonder and opposing bowlers frantically trying to figure out how to stop him.

8. Ankit Bawne: 601 runs

 Ankit Bawne

Image Source: Twitter

Ankit Bawne stands out as a true cricket hero as he exhibits unwavering courage and determination in the middle of Maharashtra's gorgeous surroundings. In addition to surprising his teammates, his amazing exploits—which have seen him amass an unprecedented 601 runs in just 6 games—have also earned a great lot of affection from the fans. Bawne's 46.23 batting average demonstrates his unrelenting commitment to the team's success as well as his unyielding cricketing will. Beyond only his technical skill, there are other indications of his unwavering commitment to the game and his team's success.

7. Bhupen Lalwani: 641 runs

Bhupen Lalwani

Image Source: Twitter

Bhupen Lalwani is a genuine talent in Mumbai, a bustling metropolis where cricket is played with an air of song. With an astounding 641 runs scored in just 6 matches, he has demonstrated his abilities and tenacity. Cricket fans all around the world have taken notice of Lalwani's playing style because it is so elegant and beautiful. His average score of 53.42 demonstrates his consistency, as he blends skill and accuracy in each inning. Everyone is in awe of him when he plays, and the opposing teams' bowlers feel powerless in his face.

6. Cheteshwar Pujara: 676 runs

cheteshwar pujara

Image Source: Twitter

Cheteshwar Pujara is a cricketing behemoth in the middle of the arid fields of Saurashtra, where grass sways in the breeze. Having scored 676 runs in just 6 games, he has demonstrated amazing power in his game. Pujara has an unshakeable attitude and a traditional batting approach. His average of 56.33 runs per inning demonstrates his commitment to improving his batting abilities. His intense passion for the game and laser-like focus are evident when you watch him play, which is inspirational.

5. Umang Kumar: 725 runs

Umang Kumar

Image Source: Twitter

A bright star by the name of Umang Kumar exists in the arid regions of Gujarat. He inspires and gives hope to everyone in his vicinity. Imagine this: Kumar scores 725 runs in just 6 games! That is astounding, isn't it? And here's the thing: he doesn't just strike the ball at random. He has an outstanding batting average of 51.79. He seems to be a genius at keeping the game together and letting go of his amazing shots at the ideal times. Without a doubt, Kumar is well-known on the domestic cricket scene.

4. Narayan Jagadeesan: 725 runs

Narayan Jagadeesan

Image Source: Twitter

Narayan Jagadeesan shines as a shining example of unwavering performance and grace in Tamil Nadu, a hive of cricketing brilliance. He has scored an astounding 725 runs in just 6 games, which says volumes about his batsmanship. His strike rate of 120.83, which highlights his ability to pick up the pace when necessary, is what stands out. Not to mention his incredible feat of hitting 321 runs in one inning, which will live on forever in the colourful history of cricket.

3. Ricky Bhui: 768 runs

Ricky Bhui

Image Source: Twitter

Ricky Bhui is a brilliant cricketer who takes centre stage in the sunny state of Andhra Pradesh. Having amassed an incredible 768 runs in just 6 games, he has been crushing the field. Bhui blends elegance and resolve in a batting approach that is akin to poetry in motion. Displaying both strength and technique, he has been scoring runs at a constant average of 64 per inning. Fans can't help but be amazed by his brilliance, and bowlers find themselves labouring against his brilliant performance.

2. Sachin Baby: 794 runs

Sachin Baby

Image Source: Twitter

One player stands out above the others at the centre of Kerala's cricket scene: Sachin Baby. The region's vivid green surroundings and fervent fans create an electrifying environment. With his exceptional exploits, he leads the group and propels Kerala cricket towards greater success. Just review his statistics: 6 matches and 794 runs! That's 61.08 on average, which demonstrates his dependability. And 131 was his greatest score? It is evidence of his capacity to step up when things count most, using his outstanding hitting to turn games around. In Kerala cricket, Sachin Baby is undoubtedly a formidable opponent.

1. Devdutt Padikkal: 822 runs

Devdutt Padikkal

Image Source: Twitter

Devdutt Padikkal is a bright star in the cricket world whose name is a testament to his unadulterated talent. Padikkal came from Karnataka, a region renowned for producing cricket diamonds, and his ascent to the top has been incredible. Imagine this: he has already amassed an amazing 822 runs in just 5 games! But Padikkal is not interested in statistics alone. It's like watching an artist at work when you watch him play. His 91.33 average shows you he's not just excellent, but blazing! If that wasn't already astounding, his greatest score of 193 demonstrates how determined he is to succeed on the field.

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