Top 8 players with 500 plus test wickets till now

By Akanksha - February 6, 2024 - Last updated on Feb 06, 2024 10:23 PM
Top 8 players with 500 plus test wickets till now

In the context of an international bowler's career, taking 100 wickets in any version of the game is a unique accomplishment. The oldest and most competitive form of cricket, Test cricket, offers bowlers a greater chance of accomplishing this feat given the number of overs. While many would never consider capturing 100 or 200 wickets, several players have made history in red-ball cricket by taking over 500 wickets.

In the lengthier version of the game, a bowler needs to be extremely skilled, consistent, and fit to achieve this many wickets. These players have been the foundation of their respective teams for more than ten years and a nightmare for the other squad.

Top 8 players with 500 plus test wickets till now

Player Span Mat Inns Wkts
M Muralidaran (ICC/SL) 1992-2010 133 230 800
SK Warne (AUS) 1992-2007 145 273 708
JM Anderson (ENG) 2003-2024 184 343 695
A Kumble (IND) 1990-2008 132 236 619
SCJ Broad (ENG) 2007-2023 167 309 604
GD McGrath (AUS) 1993-2007 124 243 563
CA Walsh (WI) 1984-2001 132 242 519
NM Lyon (AUS) 2011-2024 127 238 517
R Ashwin (IND) 2011-2024 97 183 499
  1. Muttiah Muralitharan

    Muttiah Muralitharan

    Image Source: Twitter

    The Sri Lankan spin specialist Muttiah Muralitharan tops the list with 800 wickets in 133 Test matches. Because of his unusual bowling motion and dual ball spin, he was a problem for hitters everywhere. Muralitharan continues to hold the record for taking the most wickets in the history of Test cricket.

  2. Shane Warne

    Shane Warne

    Image Source: Twitter

    Shane Warne, the legendary Australian spinner, is in second place with 708 wickets in 145 Test matches. Warne, who was well-known for his variations in leg spin, captivated spectators with his skill on the cricket pitch. He is among the best bowlers in the history of the game because of his ability to perform when it matters most.

  3. James Anderson

    James Anderson

    Image Source: Twitter

    With 695 wickets in 184 Test matches, experienced English bowler James Anderson is ranked third. For almost ten years, Anderson—who is renowned for his outstanding swing and seam bowling—has been the cornerstone of the English bowling attack in Test Cricket. He is a modern-day legend due to his longevity and talent.

  4. Anil Kumble

    Anil Kumble

    Image Source: Twitter

    The only other Indian on this distinguished list is the renowned leg-spinner, Anil Kumble. Kumble was a fearsome force, taking 619 wickets in 132 Test matches and able to get bounce and turn out of every surface. His services to cricket in India are highly regarded and honoured.

  5. Stuart Broad

    Stuart Broad

    Image Source: Twitter

    English seamer Stuart Broad, who has taken 604 wickets in 167 Test matches, takes sixth place. England's success has been greatly attributed to Broad's ability to swing the ball both ways and produce important breakthroughs.

  6. Glenn McGrath

    Glenn McGrath

    Image Source: Twitter

    The legendary Australian pacer Glenn McGrath took 563 wickets in 124 Test matches. McGrath was renowned for his precision, unwavering line and length, and ability to threaten opposing hitters at all times. His incredible career and role in the Australian team's early 2000s supremacy are inscribed in cricket history.

  7. Courtney Walsh

    CA Walsh

    Image Source: Twitter

    In 132 Test matches, the legendary pacer from the West Indies, Courtney Walsh, claimed 519 wickets. Walsh was the only player from the Caribbean in this group, and he was a nightmare for hitters everywhere because of his deadly bounce and speed.

  8. Nathan Lyon

    NM Lyon

    Image Source: Twitter

    Nathan Lyon, an off-spinner, is the newest member of this select group. Being the third Australian bowler to reach 517 wickets in just 127 Test matches, Lyon's accomplishment was really remarkable. His status among the greats has been cemented by his deft spin and ability to capture big wickets.

  9. Ravichandran Ashwin


    Image Source: Twitter

    After surpassing England in the India vs England test matchto become India's top wicket-taker in Test cricket, Ravi Ashwin cemented his place in history. The veteran overcame the renowned leg-spinner Bhagwath Chandrasekhar, who amassed eight five-wicket hauls and 95 wickets from 23 wickets. Ashwin's record of 499 Test match scalps for India increased, bringing him ever closer to the incredible 500 scalp mark in the longest format of the game.

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