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Top 10 most followed cricketers on social media

By Akanksha - November 13, 2023 - Last updated on Dec 02, 2023 05:37 PM
Top 10 most followed cricketers on social media

In the current world, social media is starting to become an indispensable part of our lives. These days, we post everything—big or small—on social media. The 10 most followed cricket players on social media are the subject of the upcoming article.

In this sense, I'd like to go more and learn more about these cricket celebrities outside of the game. In the era of social media, cricket players are on par with celebrities in terms of their ability to interact with their fan base through social networks.

Top 10 most followed cricketers on social media

With social media, cricket players maintain a connection with their followers. Now, let's find out which ten cricket players are the most popular on social media.

Player Instagram (Millions) Twitter (Millions)
Shikhar Dhawan 16 7.1
KL Rahul 17 8.4
Yuvraj Singh 19 6.2
AB de Villiers 23.1 9.6
Suresh Raina 26.1 21.3
Hardik Pandya 28 9.7
Rohit Sharma 32 22.3
Sachin Tendulkar 44 39.4
MS Dhoni 46 8.6
Virat Kohli 263 59
  • Shikhar Dhawan

    Instagram – 16M
    Twitter – 7.1M

    Shikhar Dhawan

    Image Source: Twitter

    The left-handed opening batsman for the Indian cricket team is Shikhar Dhawan. Gabbar is Shikhar Dhawan's nickname. In the IPL, Shikhar Dhawan represents the Punjab Kings. Shikhar Dhawan is leading the Punjab Kings this year. On Instagram, Shikhar Dhawan has amassed 16 million followers. Furthermore, Shikhar Dhawan has 7.1 million Twitter followers in total.

  • KL Rahul

    Instagram – 17M
    Twitter – 8.4M

    KL rahul

    Image Source: Twitter

    KL Rahul comes in at number 15 on the list of cricket players that are most followed on social media. The Indian cricket team's opening batsman is KL Rahul. KL Rahul is an IPL player for the Lucknow Supergiants. Playing in their inaugural IPL season, the Lucknow Supergiants made it to the semifinals last year, led by KL Rahul. KL Rahul has 17 million Instagram followers in total. In addition, KL Rahul's Twitter account has 8.4 million followers overall.

  • Yuvraj Singh

    Instagram – 19M
    Twitter – 6.2M

    Yuvraj Singh

    Image Source: Twitter

    Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. In T20Is, Yuvraj Singh currently owns the record for the quickest fifty. During the T20I World Cup, Yuvraj Singh smashed Stuart Broad six times in six balls while playing against England. Yuvraj Singh reached his half-century in that match in just 12 balls. Yuvraj Singh also played a significant role in India's World Cup victory in 2011. On Instagram, Yuvraj Singh has 19 million followers in total. In addition, Yuvraj Singh boasts an impressive 6.2 million Twitter followers.

  • AB de Villiers

    Instagram – 23.1M
    Twitter – 9.6M

    AB de Villiers – 17

    Image Source: Twitter

    The previous captain of South Africa was Ab de Villiers. Mr. 360 was another moniker for him. A lot of fans refer to AB de Villiers as Alien de Villiers aside from this. In ODIs, Ab de Villiers has the quickest century and 150 record. In the past, AB de Villiers was an IPL player for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Ab de Villiers is no longer playing cricket in any format. On Instagram, Ab de Villiers has amassed 23.1 million followers. In addition, ab de Villiers has 9.6 million Twitter followers. The most well-liked non-Indian player in India is Ab de Villiers.

  • Suresh Raina

    Instagram – 26.1M
    Twitter – 21.3M

    suresh raina

    Image Source: Twitter

    A former member of the Indian cricket team is Suresh Raina. Suresh Raina batted using his left hand. In the IPL, Suresh Raina was a player for the Chennai Super Kings. Another moniker for Suresh Raina is Mr. IPL. With his forceful batting, Suresh Raina has helped the Indian cricket team and the Chennai Super Kings win several matches. On Instagram, Suresh Raina has amassed 26.1 million followers. In addition, Suresh Raina has 21.3 million Twitter followers overall. Among T20I players, Suresh Raina is the first Indian player to make a century.

  • Hardik Pandya

    Instagram – 28M
    Twitter – 9.7M

    Hardik Pandya

    Image Source: Twitter

    The standout all-round player for the Indian cricket squad is Hardik Pandya. In the IPL, Hardik Pandya was a player for the Mumbai Indians. However, Hardik Pandya began playing for the new Gujrat Titans squad in the previous year (2022). Hardik Pandya led the Gujrat Titans to victory in the Indian Premier League during their inaugural season. On Instagram, Hardik Pandya has amassed 28 million followers. On Twitter, Hardik Pandya has 9.7 million followers. In T20Is, Hardik Pandya occasionally serves as the captain of the Indian cricket squad.

  • Rohit Sharma

    Instagram – 32M
    Twitter – 22.3M

    Rohit Sharma

    Image Source: Twitter

    The captain of the Indian cricket team is Rohit Sharma. In the IPL, Rohit Sharma leads the Mumbai Indians. With the Mumbai Indians as captain, Rohit Sharma has won five IPL championships. In addition, Rohit Sharma holds the record for the most runs in a One Day International. When Rohit Shetty was playing against Sri Lanka, he amassed 264 runs. In ODIs, Rohit Shetty also has the record for the most triple hundreds. Regarding Rohit Sharma's fan base, the actor has 32 million Instagram followers in total. Additionally, Rohit Sharma has 22.3 million Twitter followers.

  • Sachin Tendulkar

    Instagram – 44M
    Twitter – 39.4M

    sachin tendulkar

    Image Source: Twitter

    Who is not familiar with Sachin Tendulkar? The only player in cricket history to score 100 hundred is Sachin Tendulkar. It has been said that Sachin Tendulkar is the "Cricket God." Throughout his Test career, Sachin Tendulkar has amassed 49 ODI and 51 Test centuries. In the IPL, Sachin Tendulkar plays for the Mumbai Indians. Regarding Sachin Tendulkar's fan base, he has 44 million Instagram followers and 39.4 million Twitter followers combined.

  • MS Dhoni

    Instagram – 46M
    Twitter – 8.6M

     MS Dhoni

    Image Source: Twitter

    Among the top 15 cricketers who are followed on social media is MS Dhoni, who is at number two. Additionally, MS Dhoni captained the Indian cricket team in the past. The only skipper to have won each of the three ICC cups—the Champions Trophy, the T20 World Cup, and the ODI World Cup—is MS Dhoni. In the Indian Premier League, MS Dhoni captains the Chennai Super Kings. While captaining the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL, MS Dhoni has guided the team to four championships. Regarding the number of fans that follow MS Dhoni, the player now has 8.6 million Twitter followers and 46 million Instagram followers. Among the most successful captains in cricket history is MS Dhoni.

  • Virat Kohli

    Instagram – 263M
    Twitter – 59M

    virat kohli batting career

    Image Source: Twitter

    Start up the machine. When ranked among the top 15 cricket players on social media, Virat Kohli comes in first place. The Indian cricket squad's previous captain is Virat Kohli. When it comes to the IPL, Virat Kohli plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Virat Kohli is the cricket player with the most social media following when it comes to his fan base. 59 million people follow Virat Kohli on Twitter, and 263 million people follow him on Instagram. Among the most well-liked sportsmen in the world is Virat Kohli.

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