Top 10 Hottest Wives of New Zealand Cricketers

By Kaif - January 30, 2023 - Last updated on Jan 30, 2023 06:37 PM
Top 10 Hottest Wives of New Zealand Cricketers

Top 10 Hottest Wives of New Zealand Cricketers, Hottest Wives of New Zealand Cricketers

As the popular quote goes, a woman's support is vital to every man's success. It could be their wives and girlfriends or any other female member of the family. Cricketers around the world are no different, and they undoubtedly have the support of their spouses, who have enabled them to flourish even in the toughest of situations. Today we will tell you about the hottest wives of New Zealand cricketers. Who has stood by him in every bad time? So let's know about Top 10 Hottest Wives of New Zealand Cricketers

Top 10 Hottest Wives of New Zealand Cricketers

New Zealand CricketersHottest Wives
Mitchell SantnerCaitlin Dodunski
Trent BoultGertie Boult
Jimmy NeeshamAlex MacLeod
Matt HenryHolly Carran
Mitchell McCleneghanGeorgia
Tim SoutheeBrya Fahy
Lockie FergusonEmma Komocki
Glenn PhillipsKate Victoria
Devon ConwayKim Watson
Daryl MitchellCarol Mitchell

Hottest Wives of New Zealand Cricketers

1. Mitchell Santner – Caitlin Dodunski


Image Source: Instagram

Caitlin Dodunski is the wife of Mitchell Santner. Not much is known about Caitlin Dodunski as Bah wants to keep her life private. He has often been seen with Mitchell Santner at various events and functions. Caitlin Dodunski attended Hamilton Girls' High School and Massey Palmerston North University.

2. Trent Boult – Gertie Boult


Image Source: Instagram

Gertie Smith is the wife of left-arm fast bowler Trent Boult. Trent Boult proposed to his wife in Melbourne during New Zealand's tour of Australia. Trent Boult got engaged to Gertie Smith in 2016 and then married a year later in 2017. Then in October 2018, the child's parents became. Gertie Smith is a teacher by profession and is often seen supporting her husband from the stands. Gertie Smith stays away from the public and keeps her Instagram private. But fast bowler Trent Boult keeps sharing pictures with her on his social media handles.

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3. Jimmy Neesham – Alex McLeod


Image Source: Instagram

New Zealand player Jimmy Neesham is not married yet but is dating Alex McLeod for a long time. Jimmy Neesham and his girlfriend Alex McLeod both live in a flat located in Auckland, New Zealand. While you Alex believes in keeping your life private and away from the limelight, Neesham doesn't hesitate to post pictures with her. Jimmy Neesham's girlfriend Alex McLeod is a netball player and is at university as a nurse. She had been there as a pediatric nurse for about a few years.

4. Matt Henry wife - Holly Carran


Image Source: Instagram

Matt Henry's girlfriend (wives and girlfriends) is Holly Caron. Holly Caron is very famous. He is a journalist in Newshub. Not only this, he is also a part-time YouTuber. Her YouTube channel focuses on beauty videos. The couple got engaged a while back. Holly Caron is very beautiful as well as very hot.

5. Mitchell McCleneghan wife - Georgia


Image Source: Instagram

Georgia is the wife of New Zealand fast bowler Mitchell McClenaghan. They have been dating for many years and finally got married recently.

6. Tim Southee wife - Brya Fahy


Image Source: Instagram

New Zealand fast bowler Tim Southee is married to Briana Fahey. Briana Fahey fell in love with Tim Southee during his cricket matches in 2011. Bria Fahey is a makeup artist. She works with a freelance makeup artist at a salon named "The Sample Room". Not much information is available about Tim Southee's wife as she keeps herself away from the public and believes in private life. Fahy's beautiful and charming blue eyes and charming smile earned her a place among the hottest WAGs.

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7. Lockie Ferguson wife Kat Houk


Image Source: Instagram

New Zealand fast bowler Lockie Ferguson is also not married yet. Lockie Ferguson is in a relationship with student Kat Houk. Kat Houk is a student who graduated from the University of Southern California this summer and will return for graduate school. The two met in spring 2018 while Kat was spending time in New Zealand.

8. Glenn Phillips wife - Kate Victoria


Image Source: Instagram

Kate Victoria is the wife of Glenn Phillips. In August 2022, Glenn got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Kate Victoria. He proposed her at the Hooker Valley Tract in Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand.

9. Devon Conway wife - Kim Watson


Image Source: Instagram

Kim Watson is the wife of Devon Conway. The two dated for a long time before deciding to tie the knot. The couple got engaged on July 23, 2020. While Kim is mostly a private person, she came into limelight when Devon posted a picture with her on his Instagram handle and made their love affair official.

10. Daryl Mitchell wife - Carol Mitchell


Image Source: Instagram

Carol Mitchell is Daryl Mitchell’s wife. Not much is known about Carol Mitchell. Carol Mitchell stays away from people.

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