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Top 10 Hottest wives of Pakistani players

By Kaif - January 28, 2023 - Last updated on Jan 28, 2023 04:13 PM
Top 10 Hottest wives of Pakistani players

Top 10 Hottest wives of Pakistani players, Hottest wives of Pakistani players

Cricket is very popular in Pakistan. People always want to know all the things related to cricketers. Especially fans want to know about the love life of cricketers. Pakistan's players always remain the subject of discussion. The Pakistani cricket team is also one of the most followed teams in international cricket. Not only Pakistani cricketers, but their beautiful wives also often grab headlines. Today we are going to tell you. Top 10 Hottest wives of Pakistani players

Top 10 Hottest wives of Pakistani players

Hottest wivesPakistani players
Sania MirzaShoaib Malik
Muzna Masood MalikHaris Rauf
Shamia ArzooHasan Ali
Sania AshfaqImad Wasim
Narjis KhatunMohammad Amir
Shaniera ThompsonWasim Akram
Sana MuradAhmed Shezad
Nazia HafeezMohammad Hafeez
Syeda KhusbahtSarfaraz Ahmed
Zainab ChaudhryWahab Riaz

Hottest wives of Pakistani players

1. Sania Mirza


Image Source: Twitter

Sania Mirza is Shoaib Malik's wife. Pakistan's dangerous batsman Shoaib Malik married India's tennis star Sania Mirza in the year 2010. At that time, there was a lot of controversy in the media about the marriage of both of them, but both of them did not care about anyone and got married. Even after many years both are living their happy married life. Both also have a son.

2. Muzna Masood Malik


Image Source: Twitter

There is an atmosphere of happiness at the house of Pakistan's star fast bowler Haris Rauf. This cricketer tied the knot in 2022 itself. This marriage took place in Islamabad only among some close relatives. Haris, 29, is married to his classmate, Mujna Malik. Please inform that both Haris Rauf and Mujna Malik used to study together. That is, both have been classmates. Rauf fell in love during his studies and has now married his girlfriend Mujna. The full name of Haris's wife is Mujna Masood Malik and she is also a model.

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3. Shamia Arzoo


Image Source: Twitter

Hasan Ali is married to Shamiya Arzoo of Indian origin. Shamia Arzoo holds a degree in Aeronautics and completed her education in England. They first met when she was working as a flight engineer at Emirates Airlines. Hasan Ali and Shamia Arzoo tied the knot in the year 2019. Shamiya, a resident of Haryana, is a flight engineer with Emirates Airlines. Shamia's family is settled in New Delhi.

4. Sania Ashfaq

Sania Ashfaq

Image Source: Twitter

Sania Ashfaq is a British Pakistani girl. While Imad Wasim is a Wales-born Pakistan cricketer. Both met during a cricket match. Imad Wasim is the rising player of Pakistan in the current era. Sania Ashfaq and Imad Wasim married in the year 2019 and their marriage took place at Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

5. Narjis Khatun


Image Source: Twitter

Narjis Khatun is the wife of Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Amir. Mohammad Aamir and Narjis Khatun married in the year 2016. Narjis Khatun supported Mohammad Aamir in his difficult times. The two came in contact when Amir was serving his ban from cricket. Narjis Khatun is a British-Pakistani girl. The couple was blessed with a baby girl in the year 2017.

6. Shaniera Thompson


Image Source: Twitter

Shanira Thompson tied the knot with Wasim Akram in 2013. Wasmi Akram met Shanaira Thompson in 2011, when she was a PR consultant, and he was a cricket commentator. The couple are now parents to a beautiful daughter named Ayla.

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7. Sana Murad

Ahmed Shezad

Image Source: Twitter

Pakistani opening batsman Ahmed Shehzad married his childhood friend Sana Murad on 19 September 2015. The wedding was a high-profile ceremony held in Lahore. They are now parents to a boy named Ali Ahmed.

8. Nazia Hafeez


Image Source: Twitter

Pakistan all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez tied the knot with the stunning Nazia Hafeez in 2007. She is crazy about cricket and remains very active on social media. Nazia also accompanies her husband on most of his cricket tours. Nazia Hafeez and Mohammad Hafeez also have three children.

9. Syeda Khusbaht

Syeda Khusbaht

Image Source: Twitter

Sarfaraz Ahmed is the wife of Sarfaraz Ahmed. The wicket-keeper batsman tied the knot with Syeda Khushbat in 2015. And both have 2 children, a daughter and a son named Abdullah Sarfaraz.

10 Zainab Chaudhry


Image Source: Twitter

Wahab Riaz is one of the best Pakistani fast bowlers of the 21st century. The talented cricketer was able to make a name for himself in the cricket circuit with his raw pace. He is one of the most sought after bowlers and a clear match-winner in his day. Wahab Riaz married Zainab Chowdhary in 2013 and they have a baby girl. She is surely one of the most beautiful cricketer wives.

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