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Top 10 Shortest Cricketers in the World of All Time

By Akanksha - June 19, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 19, 2023 06:00 PM
Top 10 Shortest Cricketers in the World of All Time

Image Source: Twitter

Cricket is a sport that often celebrates height and athleticism, but sometimes, exceptional players emerge who defy conventional norms. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 shortest cricketers in the world. While their height may be less imposing, their contributions to the game have been remarkable. From legendary players to rising stars, these individuals have showcased their skills, proving that size is not always a determining factor for success in cricket.

  1. Kruger van Wyk, New Zealand – 4.75 ft:Kruger van Wyk

    Image Source: Twitter

    Kruger van Wyk, hailing from South Africa, is the shortest cricketer to have played the gentlemen's game, standing at 4.75 ft. Despite missing out on playing for the South African team due to the presence of distinguished keeper-batsman Mark Boucher, van Wyk sought opportunities in New Zealand. His debut came in 2012 against his home country, South Africa, and he scored 341 runs in 9 international matches.

  2. Walter Cornford, England – 5 ft:

    Walter Cornford, an English cricketer, stood at just 5 ft tall. Although his international career was limited to 4 games, Cornford made a significant impact during England's tour of New Zealand in 1930. Playing for the Sussex County, he amassed over 6500 runs in 456 matches, including 16 half-centuries.

  3. Mushfiqur Rahim, Bangladesh – 5.25 ft:

    Mushfiqur Rahim

    Image Source: Twitter

    Mushfiqur Rahim, a former captain of the Bangladesh cricket team, is one of the country's finest batsmen. Standing at 5.25 ft, Rahim has displayed his skills in over 350 international matches. Notably, he holds the record for the highest individual score by a Bangladesh batsman in Tests, with an unbeaten 219 against Zimbabwe.

  4. Parthiv Patel, India – 5.25 ft:

    parthiv patel

    Image Source: Twitter

    Parthiv Patel, known as the "pocket dynamite" from India, became Test cricket's youngest wicket-keeper when he debuted at the age of 17. Despite facing competition from the legendary MS Dhoni throughout his career, Patel led the Gujarat team to its first Ranji title in 2017. His height of 5.25 ft has not hindered his ability to take athletic catches and contribute with the bat.

  5. Mominul Haque, Bangladesh – 5.28 ft:

    Mominul Haque

    Image Source: Twitter

    Mominul Haque, a left-handed batsman from Bangladesh, has showcased his talent as a red-ball specialist. With an impressive ability to build innings, Haque holds the record for scoring 11 consecutive 50-plus scores in Test cricket, a feat unmatched by any other Bangladeshi player. His height of 5.28 ft, combined with nimble footwork, has played a role in his success against spinners.

  6. Gundappa Vishwanath, India – 5.3 ft:

    Gundappa Vishwanath

    Image Source: Twitter

    Gundappa Vishwanath, a batsman from southern India, brought elegance to the Indian middle-order during the 1970s. Playing 90 Test matches, he accumulated over 6000 runs with an average of 42. Vishwanath's stature of 5.3 ft belied his wristy technique and his ability to play the cut shot effectively.

  7. Temba Bavuma, South Africa – 5.4 ft:

    Temba Bavuma

    Image Source: Twitter

    Temba Bavuma, standing at 5.4 ft tall, has emerged as a prominent player in South African cricket. Not only has he showcased exceptional skills with the bat, but he has also impressed with his fielding. Bavuma's leadership abilities led to his appointment as the South Africa captain in white-ball cricket, proving that height is not a barrier to success.

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    Sachin Tendulkar, India – 5.41 ft:

    Sachin Tendulkar, known as the "God of cricket," is an inspiration to millions of fans worldwide. Despite his height of 5.41 ft, Tendulkar broke every possible batting record during his illustrious career spanning over two decades. His graceful shots and impeccable technique made him a legend of the game, and his short stature played a part in his ability to execute shots like the paddle sweep and uppercut.

  9. Kedar Jadhav, India – 5.41 ft:

    Kedar Jadhav

    Image Source: Twitter

    Kedar Jadhav, hailing from Maharashtra, India, possesses multi-dimensional skills that earned him a spot in the 2019 World Cup squad. With a strike rate of 103 in ODIs, Jadhav is known for his ability to play big shots from the outset. His short height of 5.41 ft has not hindered his bowling either, as he has contributed 27 wickets to the Indian team.

  10. Tatenda Taibu, Zimbabwe – 5.41 ft:

    Tatenda Taibu

    Image Source: Twitter

    Tatenda Taibu, a cricketer from Zimbabwe, captained the national team at a young age. Standing at 5.41 ft, Taibu played 113 ODIs and 28 Test matches, accumulating over 4800 runs. He was known for his agility behind the stumps and his ability to dash between the wickets, utilizing his short stature to his advantage.

Conclusion: The top 10 shortest cricketers in the world have defied the notion that height is a prerequisite for success in cricket. From Kruger van Wyk's record as the shortest cricketer ever to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar's immense impact on the game, these players have proven that skill, determination, and adaptability can overcome physical limitations. As the gentlemen's game continues to evolve, these cricketers serve as an inspiration to aspiring players worldwide, showing that true greatness knows no bounds.

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