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Ashes 2023: What is Brumbrella used by England against Usman Khwaja

By Akanksha - June 19, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 20, 2023 12:25 AM
Ashes 2023: What is Brumbrella used by England against Usman Khwaja

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In the world of cricket, innovation and strategic moves often play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of a match. The Ashes, a highly anticipated cricket series between England and Australia, has witnessed its fair share of groundbreaking moments.

One such moment occurred during the rain-interrupted third day of a crucial match when England's Ben Stokes introduced an unconventional fielding strategy known as the "Brumbrella." This article delves into the details of this peculiar tactic, its impact on the game, and how it bewildered the Australian team.

The Immovable Force: Usman Khawaja:

On the third day of the match, the Australian opener Usman Khawaja displayed remarkable resilience against England's bowling attack. Immune to the swing and seam of James Anderson and Stuart Broad, as well as the spin of Moeen Ali, Khawaja seemed to have built an impenetrable defense. Frustrated by their inability to dislodge him, England's captain Ben Stokes decided it was time to experiment with an unorthodox fielding arrangement.

The Birth of the Brumbrella:

Ben Stokes, never one to shy away from eccentricity, devised a fielding setup that defied traditional norms. At the 110th over, Stokes and Ollie Robinson conspired to pack the leg-side field for the Australian bowler, Pat Cummins. This unusual arrangement included a leg-gully, square leg, deepish wide mid-on, deep square leg, and fine leg.

Additionally, Stokes positioned a short-leg fielder and stationed himself at short leg. The objective was to bowl short deliveries into the body, reminiscent of the infamous body-line tactic.

Testing Khawaja's Resolve:

The Brumbrella fielding strategy aimed not only to challenge Khawaja's technical skills but also to test his ability to remain focused and undeterred amidst such unconventional conditions. Stokes and Robinson wanted to coax Khawaja into making an impulsive and ill-advised shot. However, Khawaja remained resolute, carefully assessing the field and adjusting his shots accordingly. He oiled his cuts and slashes, anticipating slight width, but maintained his composure.

The Trap Unveiled:

As the game progressed, the intention behind the Brumbrella field began to unravel. It became evident that the catches positioned in unconventional locations were mere decoys. The real objective was to deceive Khawaja, tempting him to play a risky shot against the wind. Unfortunately for Khawaja, he fell into the trap. Confused by the field's setup and unable to comprehend the logic behind it, he attempted an audacious shot, shimmying down the track. However, he missed Robinson's delivery, which angled towards the stumps, resulting in his dismissal.

Impact on the Match:

The wicket of Usman Khawaja proved to be a turning point in the match. Australia's innings soon collapsed, enabling England to gain a crucial seven-run lead. However, the momentum was disrupted by subsequent rain spells that plagued the match. England's charge was stifled, and they ended the day with a lead of only 35 runs, standing at 28 for 2. Nevertheless, the innovative Brumbrella tactic had achieved its objective of breaking Khawaja's resistance and turning the tide in England's favor.

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Rain Plays Spoilsport:

Despite the thrilling turn of events brought about by the Brumbrella, rain played spoilsport and limited the action on the third day. In the brief intervals between rain showers, Australia's pacemen unleashed their hostility, posing challenges for England's openers.

The dark and ominous skies added an element of intensity to the game. Scott Boland, in particular, displayed exceptional swing and movement, causing discomfort to the English batsmen. Although only a few overs were bowled before the rain intervened again, the intensity and drama were palpable.


The Brumbrella fielding strategy introduced by Ben Stokes during the Ashes match left a lasting impression on cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Its unorthodox nature and the subsequent dismissal of Usman Khawaja showcased the power of innovation and the ability to think outside the box.

While rain played a significant role in disrupting the flow of the game, the short-lived display of the Brumbrella and the ensuing battles between Australia and England provided a captivating chapter in the history of the Ashes.

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