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Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Full Highlight Video

By Rohit - December 4, 2023 - Last updated on Dec 04, 2023 11:12 PM
Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Full Highlight Video

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Season 10 witnessed an enthralling encounter between Puneri Paltan and Jaipur Pink Panthers on December 4, 2023. In a match filled with twists and turns, Puneri Paltan emerged victorious with a decisive 4-point lead, securing a final score of 37-33.

Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Highlight PKL season 10

The first half of the match was dominated by Jaipur Pink Panthers, who showcased impressive raiding prowess led by Arjun Deshwal. Deshwal's eight raid points gave the Panthers a comfortable 18-14 lead at halftime.

However, the dynamics shifted dramatically in the second half, witnessing an impressive turnaround by Puneri Paltan. The star player for Paltan, Mohit Goyat, showcased exceptional all-round skills, with his crucial do-or-die raid and successful tackle on Bhavani Rajput emerging as pivotal moments.

Key Moments of Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink Panthers match:

  • Puneri Paltan executed two crucial all-outs on Jaipur Pink Panthers, significantly extending their lead.
  • Mohit Goyat's stellar performance, including securing a bonus point, played a vital role in Puneri Paltan's victory.
  • Arjun Deshwal's eight raid points for Jaipur Pink Panthers kept the team competitive throughout the match.

Puneri Paltan's Comeback:

Puneri Paltan's triumph underscores their remarkable fighting spirit and resilience, particularly evident in their strategic adaptations during the second half. Mohit Goyat's outstanding all-round display, encompassing effective raiding and tackling, played a pivotal role in the team's comeback.

Jaipur Pink Panthers' Resilience:

Despite the ultimate loss, the Jaipur Pink Panthers showcased a commendable fighting spirit. Their dominance in the first half and Arjun Deshwal's impressive raiding skills exemplify the team's potential and determination.

Puneri Paltan (PUN) Confirmed Starting 7

  1. Sanket Sawant
  2. Abinesh Nadarajan
  3. Gaurav Khatri
  4. Aslam Inamdar
  5. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh
  6. Pankaj Mohite
  7. Mohit Goyat

Jaipur Pink Panthers (JAI) Confirmed Starting 7

  1. Shaul Kumar
  2. Reza Mirbagheri
  3. Sunil-Kumar(C)
  4. Ankush Jr
  5. Arjun Deshwal
  6. Rahul Chaudhari
  7. V Ajith Kumar

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