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'No Footwork Becomes Great Footwork': Sachin Tendulkar on Maxwell

By Akanksha - November 8, 2023 - Last updated on Nov 08, 2023 11:59 PM
'No Footwork Becomes Great Footwork': Sachin Tendulkar on Maxwell

Legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar on Glenn Maxwell showered Australia's hero Glenn Maxwell with praise for his exceptional performance in the recent cricket match. Maxwell scored his first double ODI hundred on Tuesday night at Wankhede.

At one point, Australia were struggling at 91 for 7, but with Maxwell's magnificent innings, they were able to rally and reach the target with three wickets remaining and three overs to spare. In the end, Maxwell scored 201 runs off just 128 deliveries, including 10 sixes and 21 fours.

What made Maxwell's performance even more remarkable was that he scored most of the runs with an injured leg that remained immobile for most of the innings. Just over a day after the Maxwell special, Tendulkar released an explanation for why the Australian batter performed so admirably despite the leg injury.

According to the Little Master, Maxwell's right leg cramps may have contributed to his ability to maintain a stable head. His head stayed still as a result of his leg injury, preventing him from shifting in the crease and allowing him to connect correctly. In addition, Sachin mentioned that Maxwell's limited footwork and great hand-eye coordination enabled effective attacking.

Sachin Tendulkar on Maxwell

"@Gmaxi_32's footwork was limited by cramping during yesterday's game. He was forced to remain still at the crease, but this allowed him to maintain composure, pay great attention to the ball, and rely on his remarkable bat speed and hand-eye coordination," Tendulkar posted on the social media site X (previously Twitter).

Power-hitting virtuoso Shoaib Malik, a batter from Pakistan, also masterfully demonstrated power-hitting in another A Sports cricket TV event. He emphasized how Maxwell had both excellent bat speed and arm extension. Power-hitting doesn't need a lot of foot movement, according to Malik. There's a false belief that it does. According to Malik, power-hitting is made possible by bat and arm speed.

The fact that Afghan bowlers kept bowling in his arc, and Maxwell kept smashing them all to the ropes or beyond them, was also a huge assist. Maxwell did a good job connecting the balls with his arm extension, even those that were just a little bit out of reach. His T20 adventures also helped him to pull off some incredible shots, and the fact that he kept making the connection nearly perfectly made it an excellent watch.

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