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Most Sixes in ODI WC History: Batters Smashing Sixes For Fun

By Guest - November 24, 2023 - Last updated on Nov 24, 2023 12:03 PM
Most Sixes in ODI WC History: Batters Smashing Sixes For Fun

The ODI Cricket World Cup is a fascinating tournament where top teams compete for the coveted trophy. Batters have a major role in setting the platform and finishing the innings on a high, and this they can do by hitting sixes. Once batters get on a roll, it can be hard to stop them. While some use all their might to hit sixes, some just rely on timing to hit the ball out of the park. The 2023 ODI World Cup also saw some batters, like Rohit Sharma, completely dominate bowlers.

Notably, three of them are still playing in IPL for different franchises. It will also create a huge buzz in IPL Betting. Let’s find out who those top six hitters are. 

Batters Hitting Most Sixes in ODI WC

The following is a list of batters with the most sixes in ODI WCs:

Rohit Sharma - 51 Sixes - India

Rohit Sharma, the hitman, has the ability to clear the ropes with just pure timing. He has been absolutely brilliant in the ODI World Cups from 2015 to 2023, smashing 51 sixes.

Rohit Sharma has an incredible ODI World Cup record, scoring 1528 runs in just 27 innings. He has scored the runs at a 104.51 strike rate and 61.12 average, making him almost unstoppable.

Chris Gayle - 49 Sixes - West Indies

Chris Gayle, the most destructive batter in world cricket, has been absolutely brilliant for the West Indies in the ODI WCs. In the 34 ODI World Cup innings, he has scored 1186 runs, and that too at a 90.53 strike rate.

Chris Gayle infused fear in the hearts of the opposition bowlers with his striking ability. He smashed 49 sixes and 116 fours during his five ODI World Cups from 2003 to 2019.

Glenn Maxwell - 43 Sixes - Australia

Glenn Maxwell, the man for the big stage, can strike big blows and take the game away from the opposition in a matter of a few minutes. In just 24 ODI World Cup innings, he has smashed 43 sixes and 94 fours, making him one of the most feared batters to face.

In ODI WCs, Glenn Maxwell has a high 160.24 strike rate and a 47.31 average. Glenn Maxwell has represented Australia in three ODI WCs from 2015 to 2023 and has been absolutely vital for the team.

David Warner - 41 Sixes - Australia

David Warner, the destructive Australian opener, has been a lethal weapon for the Australians in the ODI WCs. He has represented Australia in three ODI WCs from 2015 to 2023, hitting 41 sixes and 153 fours.

In the 28 ODI WC innings, David Warner has hit 1520 runs at a 101.19 strike rate and a 58.46 average. He has been a consistent performer for the Australian team in the ODI WCs, scoring six centuries and five half-centuries.

AB de Villiers - 37 Sixes - South Africa

AB de Villiers, Mr. 360, could play the most unconventional shots with supreme ease. The superman from South Africa came with no cape but had superpowers that even most superheroes would be jealous of.

In just 22 ODI WC innings, AB de Villiers scored 1207 runs at a 117.29 strike rate and a 63.52 average. He represented South Africa in three ODI WCs from 2007 to 2015, reaching the semi-finals twice. AB de Villiers smashed bowlers for fun in ODI WCs, hitting 37 sixes and 121 fours.

Note: The data mentioned above is till 16/11/2023.

Probable Batters to Hit Most Sixes in the ODI WC 2023

The following is a list of probable batters who could hit the most sixes in the ODI WC 2023:

  • Rohit Sharma
  • David Warner
  • Shreyas Iyer
  • Mitchell Marsh
  • Glenn Maxwell

Concluding Thoughts

Batters in ODI WCs play fearlessly, as they need to impose themselves on the opposition. With the ability to clear the boundary easily, batters take the risk of hitting sixes even when the fielders are positioned to take a catch on the boundary line. Cricket fans will hope that they get to see more sixes being hit during the 2023 ODI World Cup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who hit the most sixes in ODI World Cup history?

Indian Team Captain Rohit Sharma hit the most sixes in ODI World Cup history. At the end of the World Cup 2023, he hit 54 sixes. And Chris Gayle has the second position with 49 sixes.

Who is the most sixes in World Cup 2023?

Rohit Sharma hit the 31 sixes in the World Cup 2023, which is the highest in a single edition of the tournament.

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