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Most Followed Athletes on Instagram in 2023

By Kaif - October 16, 2023 - Last updated on Oct 17, 2023 12:17 PM
Most Followed Athletes on Instagram in 2023

Most Followed Athletes on Instagram in 2023, Top 5 Most Followed Athletes on Instagram

Sports are a special part of everyone's life, even if we do not play that game ourselves, still we like it just by looking at it. Nowadays, there are billions of sports fans all over the world, no matter what the sport is, there is no dearth of its fans. Every sports fan also has a favorite athlete whom he likes a lot and never misses the opportunity to follow him either on the field or on social media.

With over a billion of us actively using Instagram every month, it's a great way for fans to get closer to their favorite athletes. Most of the players in this list are due to the popularity of football globally. Cricket is also liked a lot in today's time. So let's know about the most followed athletes on Instagram in 2023.

Most Followed Athletes on Instagram in 2023

Po.Athletes NameFollowers
1Cristiano Ronaldo608 M
2Lionel Messi489 M
3Virat Kohli260 M
4Neymar Jr215 M
5LeBron James158 M
6Kylian Mbappe109 M
7David Beckham84 M
8Ronaldinho74.6 M
9Marcelo Vieira Jr65.7 M
10Zlatan Ibrahimovic63.6 M

Top 5 Most Followed Athletes on Instagram

Explore the Top 5 five most followed athletes on Instagram, their professional success, and the factors that contributed to their immense popularity.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - 608 Million

Cristiano Ronaldo

Image Source: Instagram

It is impossible for Portuguese superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo not to create records wherever he goes. Records follow him everywhere, whether on the field or outside the field. Ronaldo has achieved a lot on the field so far but apart from this he has also become the first person in the world to have 500 and 600 million followers on Instagram. He has achieved this feat in a very short time.

The reason for his popularity is his talent and his passion for his game. Because of this his career is at its peak today. Along with football, Ronaldo is also ruling social media at the moment. He has 608 million followers on Instagram.

2. Lionel Messi - 489 Million

Lionel Messi

Image Source: Instagram

Lionel Messi, who won the Football World Cup for Argentina, is one of the greatest players in the history of the game. Who has won everyone's hearts with his performance on the field? Argentina winning the Football World Cup is one of the biggest successes in Messi's 16-year career. As captain, he led the team from the front to the finals and scored two goals there too. Because of this, it became easier for the team to achieve the title. After such performances, there has been a rapid increase in his followers on social media. Messi has 489 million followers on Instagram.

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3. Virat Kohli - 260 Million

virat kohli

Image Source: Instagram

Most Followed Cricketers on Instagram: Former Indian captain Virat Kohli has gained a lot of popularity on the basis of his brilliant performance. Along with the bat, Virat has now achieved a record in social media. Currently, he has 250+ million followers on Instagram and he is the first person from Asia to have so many fans. Apart from this, he is the third most popular athlete in the world. Virat Kohli has 260 million followers on Instagram

4. Neymar Jr - 215 Million

Neymar Jr.

Image Source: Instagram

Brazilian star footballer Neymar Jr is one of the best football players in the world at present. In the year 2023, Forbes ranked him fourth in the ranking of the world's highest-paid athletes, along with this he is also fourth in the list of the world's most popular athletes. Neymar is known for his brilliant play on the field as well as his luxurious lifestyle. Because of this he currently has 215 million followers on Instagram and he is the third most favorite football player.

5. LeBron James - 158 Million

LeBron James

Image Source: Instagram

National Basketball Association (NBA) veteran player Lebron James has performed very well in the NBA so far. Recently, he has also become the player with the highest points scorer in the history of the basketball tournament. Due to this, his popularity has also increased as compared to before. Currently, Lebron has 158 million followers on Instagram and is the most popular player in the NBA.

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Most Followed Cricketers on Instagram

Indian vice-captain Virat Kohli is the most followed cricketer on Instagram. Virat Kohli has 260 million followers on Instagram.

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