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KKR vs SRH Weather Report: What if KKR vs SRH Qualifier 1 canceled due to rain

By Kaif - May 21, 2024 - Last updated on May 21, 2024 06:05 PM
KKR vs SRH Weather Report: What if KKR vs SRH Qualifier 1 canceled due to rain

The IPL 2024 season has now reached the playoff stage and two-time champions Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) will face Sunrisers Hyderabad in Qualifier-1 on Tuesday. This match will be played at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. KKR have topped the table for the first time in the history of IPL, while the Hyderabad team also had an impressive performance in the group stage. A total of three matches have been lost to rain this season, so everyone will be interested to know how the weather will be in Ahmedabad on Tuesday.

Rain in many parts of the country had spoiled the fun of the match. In the current season, a total of three matches have been completely washed out due to rain, while in one match the overs have been reduced due to rain. The match played between Mumbai Indians and KKR was reduced to 16 overs due to rain, while the match between Kolkata and Gujarat was canceled on May 13, while the match between Hyderabad and Gujarat on Thursday was washed out due to rain. Not only this, the last match of the group stage of IPL 2024 to be played between KKR and Rajasthan in Guwahati on Sunday could not be played due to rain. So let us know what will be the weather report in KKR vs SRH match and what will happen if KKR vs SRH Qualifier 1 is canceled due to rain.

KKR vs SRH Weather Report

It is a matter of relief for the fans that on Tuesday, the day the Qualifier-1 match is to be played between Hyderabad and KKR, there is little chance of rain on that day. According to the Meteorological Department, the weather of Ahmedabad will be pleasant and sunny. The heat will increase with increasing days and there will be no possibility of rain. Looking at the weather forecast, fans can get a thrilling match between KKR and SRH. However, due to humidity, dew will play an important role in the second innings.

Ahmedabad Today Weather, KKR vs SRH Weather Report

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Ahmedabad Today Weather: The temperature during the match in Ahmedabad is expected to be around 38-42 degrees Celsius. However, the chance of rain during the match is 0% and hence the spectators and fans will get a chance to enjoy the match without any hassle on May 21.

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What if KKR vs SRH Qualifier 1 canceled due to rain

What if KKR vs SRH Qualifier 1 canceled due to rain<

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There may be no possibility of rain in the match between Hyderabad and KKR, but if rain disrupts the match and the match cannot be played then which team will get the advantage? If the match could not start till the cutoff time due to rain and had to be cancelled, then the Kolkata team would directly enter the final. The reason for this is that KKR team was on top in the table and will get the benefit from it, whereas in this situation, Hyderabad team will have to travel to Chennai for Qualifier-2.

Are there any reserved days for IPL 2024 playoff matches?

There is no reserve day for any match except the IPL 2024 final. Yes, if rain disrupts Qualifier-1, Eliminator and Qualifier-2, then the umpires will have additional 120 minutes to conduct the match of at least 5 overs each. If even 5 overs cannot be played due to rain then the umpire will try to get the result through a super over. Even if the super over is not possible then the decision will be taken on the basis of points table ranking.

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