Is the 2 Bouncer Rule Challenging for Batsmen

By Vipin - January 17, 2024 - Last updated on Jan 17, 2024 12:18 PM
Is the 2 Bouncer Rule Challenging for Batsmen

Former Indian women's captain Anjum Chopra considers the rule of bowling two bouncers in an over in domestic cricket as challenging for the batsmen. She says that this rule will give a little more comfort to the bowlers.

Anjum Chopra, 46, former Indian Captain and commentator in the ILT-20 league, calls those cricketers who are retiring from international cricket to play the league, a loss for the country. She says, when the country needs senior players then they are not available. He is retiring for the league, whose career is at its last stage. Anjum talked to Dainik Bhaskar on International League T-20, IPL-2024 and T-20 World Cup.

BCCI has given permission to bowl 2 bouncers in one over of domestic cricket

This rule is good for challenging the batsman in the game, because if the bowler bowls a bouncer then the batsman knows that the bowler cannot bowl any more bouncers. If he does this then it will be a wide one.


In such a situation, no matter what kind of field you decorate, the batsman plays carefree. With the introduction of this rule, bowlers have been given some comfort. Which will force the batsman not to take the bowler lightly, because now the batsman does not know when the second ball will come as a bouncer. In such a situation, he will play carefully. With this rule the bowlers will challenge the batsman somewhere.

Are too many franchise leagues a threat to international cricket

Cricket is now growing day by day. International cricket is not ending, but there is so much cricket and there are 365 days. Your body will not allow you to play the whole year. you need rest. Now players are choosing where to play and where not to play. In such a situation, some things are also missed.

Who knows that his career is at its last stage. They are the ones who are refusing international cricket. He feels that now he has to play in one format. Currently, Naveen Ul Haq of Afghanistan is the only such player. Now he is playing only T-20. All the players who have retired from franchise cricket are at the last stage of their career and they feel that if they play only one format, their career will grow.


This impacts international cricket in a way that he is a senior player and is not available when the country needs him. They are a loss to the country. If we think from the player's point of view, then he is giving his best. He is not saying that I am not available for international cricket. He just doesn't want restrictions, so that there is no need to play all the formats. He just wants a little freedom.

Should there be restrictions on the inclusion of too many international players in the league

When T-20 started, there were limited T-20 matches in bilateral series. The number of matches kept increasing and the number of test matches kept decreasing. As far as imposing restrictions on players is concerned, we have now gone beyond that situation. Now this is not possible.


I will not believe that international cricket is less important for players than franchise cricket. Ask any cricketer and he will definitely say that he wants to play International T-20 and World Cup. In the times to come, it will not happen that any player does not want to play for the country and only wants the franchise. It is definitely possible that players play less Tests and give priority to T-20.

There is also T-20 World Cup this year. How much difference will ILT20 make in the selection of teams

There are many international players in ILT20. Australian player David Warner is leading the team. Although, he has retired from Test and ODI, but he will play T20. Players like Shaheen Afridi are playing. Their board will keep an eye on their performance somewhere.

You can imagine how much difference it will make to UAE players if players like Afridi and Warner share the dressing room. They will get to learn a lot because 9 out of 11 players here will be international.

Only 2 UAE players are included in the playing eleven in ILT20, will this number increase

ICC is trying to ensure globalization of cricket. Many countries including India are playing nations. There is cricket in associate countries, but their market has to be developed. This league is working to help ICC in cricket globalization.

If this tournament is being held in UAE and two of its players are playing, then this will give their players a chance to meet international cricketers. Their national team will get this experience, since cricket is not very popular here, hence there is no talent here like India. An increase in the number of players here can be expected in the coming time.

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