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India is first country to assemble two national teams at same...

By Rohit - May 21, 2021 - Last updated on Nov 29, 2021 05:26 PM India is first country to assemble two national teams at same...

India will play a series of Tests in England in June and July while a limited-overs team will play in Sri Lanka at the same time. (File Photo)

Inzamam-ul-Haq said India is the first country to field two national teams at the same time, something Australia had tried to do at their prime but failed. Inzamam also said both India’s teams the Test team due to play in England and the limited-overs side due to play a series in Sri Lanka look like strong outfits.

“This idea of assembling a second Indian team is very interesting. What India is trying to do today, Australia did this years ago, but they were not able to be successful in it. India appears to be pulling it off. For the first time, I think it is happening that a national cricket team will be playing two different series. One side in one country and the other side in some other country, and both are national teams,” Inzamam said on the latest episode on his YouTube channel, Inzamam ul Haq – The Match Winner.

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“When Australia were at their peak. From 1995 to say 2005-2010, they had tried to distinguish two international teams named Australia A and Australia B, but they didn’t get permission. India is doing what even Australia couldn’t do at their peak. And the move makes sense given the isolation protocols and everything, and it couldn’t have been possible to send the same team to both countries in such a gap,” the former Pakistan captain added.

India’s primary side will be travelling to the UK for the WTC final and then a five-match Test series against England. Simultaneously, in July, a ‘B’ team will play a limited-overs series against Sri Lanka. With most of the experienced players selected in the Test squad, some youngsters will get an opportunity to play against Sri Lanka.

“India at this time has so much strength that they are capable of doing this. Their pool of players is so huge that they are able to manage this. If you look at the players who would be travelling to Sri Lanka, it would appear as if this is India’s main team, such is their bench strength,” Inzamam said.

“India have improved their First-Class structure and then there is the IPL as well that has helped assemble two different teams at the same time. It’s almost as if India has prepared 50 guys who are ready to play for the national team,” he added.

what do you think will india be able to execute his plan?

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