How to play and use Possible 11

By Mehul - April 20, 2021 - Last updated on Sep 01, 2021 02:29 PM How to play and use Possible 11

What is Possible 11?

Possible 11 is a free Platform built for the people who wish to earn money from fantasy sports like Dream 11, Gamezy, My 11 Circle, Fanfight , My Fab 11, Real 11 and many other such fantasy platforms.

Possible 11 Provides every bit of information required to make winning teams on your own. It includes Playing 11, Pitch report, player records, and many more. . Here you will get Accurate Winning teams from fantasy experts working with us who have vast experience in this field.


How to Use and play Possible 11?

Do you know? You can daily earn 200-500 Rupees from the Possible 11 app without any investment. Yes, Just by using our app and playing slight tasks like ( liking, commenting, voting and predicting ). People are earning thousands daily. Below are the steps on how you can play and use our application.

Steps to Use Possible 11

  1. Registeration on the app.
  2. The first step is to Register on our app from your Email or Facebook Account. On registering with the app from a referral code, users get 20 Rupees cash bonus directly in their Possible 11 app Wallet. Share your referral code with others and earn as much money as you want daily.

  3. Reading Previews
  4. Possible 11 is a platform that gives an enormous amount of knowledge about fantasy cricket of all the International, Domestic and other matches. You get to see Pitch Report, Weather Report, Players News, Injury News, Bowlers records, Batsman Records, stats and many other things. On clicking the match You will see an interface having all such information.


  5. Playing 11 in batting order
  6. Possible 11 provides a view of playing 11 in batting order so users can make their team as per correct batting order. This is one of the best feature of Possible 11.

  7. Teams and Suggestions
  8. Thousands of users share their teams on our app and participate in the Free giveaway ( In IPL we have 1 Lakh Rupees free giveaway ). Users can suggest their teams in the Possible11 app and earn money from that feature too. Possible 11 Experts share their Small League and Grand leagues team as well.

  9. Liking Other teams
  10. On liking the teams of other users, You get rewarded. if you do 50 Likes/Dislikes on others teams, you will be rewarded with 1 coin. You can like an unlimited no. of teams daily, There is no limit.

  11. Voting for Captain, Vice-Captain and Wicket Keeper.
  12. By Giving votes for the captaincy, Vice Captaincy and wicket keeping players for a match, you will be rewarded with coins. Vote in every match to earn more coins and withdraw your winning amount daily.

  13. Watching unlimited ads
  14. We have a feature on our app that lets you earn in thousands daily. On watching ads, Users get rewarded with free money, You can watch unlimited no. of ads and earn money for free daily.


  15. Free Giveaways Participation
  16. Possible 11 launches free giveaways daily, Users need to suggest their teams and participate in the free giveaways organized daily. Higher the rank, the more the winnings.

  17. Daily Sports news, Funny Videos and Match Highlights
  18. On our app you can watch the highlights of any watch that you want. International match highlights, Live Scores and Funny Videos.

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