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Hardik Pandya vs Shivam Dube: Who will be selected in T20 World Cup 2024 squad?

By Kaif - April 24, 2024 - Last updated on Apr 26, 2024 11:24 AM
Hardik Pandya vs Shivam Dube: Who will be selected in T20 World Cup 2024 squad?

Half of the journey of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2024) has been completed, after this half of the journey, many Indian players are dreaming of playing in the T20 World Cup to be held in June due to their performance. Most hype is being created about two Indian players. Both of them are all-rounders.

These two all-rounders are Shivam Dube and Hardik Pandya. Many cricket experts are also giving their opinion regarding both these players going to the World Cup. In such a situation, the big question is that after half the journey of IPL, who has the upper hand, Shivam Dube or Pandya.

Shivam Dube is playing for Chennai Super Kings in IPL. Whereas, Hardik Pandya is handling the command of Mumbai Indians. Now let us understand from the statistical point of view who is dominating in IPL 2024 between Shivam Dube and Pandya.

Hardik Pandya vs Shivam Dube

Shivam Dube has scored a total of 311 runs in 8 IPL matches so far. His highest score during this period has been 66 not out. His average is 51.83 and strike rate is 169.95. Shivam Dube has hit 22 sixes till now (23 April), he is known for his big hitting ability.

Hardik Pandya vs Shivam Dube

On the other hand, the captain of Mumbai Indians is Hardik Pandya. Pandya has also played the same number of 8 matches as Shivam Dube in the current IPL, but he has disappointed with his batting. Pandya has scored only 151 runs in 8 matches at an average of 21.57. His strike rate is 142.45.

Hardik Pandya vs Shivam Dube

However, there is only one advantage with Hardik Pandya, in which he looks ahead of Shivam Dube . This is his bowling. Hardik has taken 4 wickets in 8 matches, in which his bowling average is 46.50 and economy rate is 10.94. Both the figures of economy rate and bowling average are worrying. Hardik Pandya has taken 57 wickets in the total 131 matches played so far in IPL. But their economy rate is 8.97, which is very second rate.

Shivam Dube Bowling Performance

Shivam Dube has not bowled even once in this IPL season. At the same time, he did not bowl a single ball even in the 2023 season. In the 2022 IPL season, Shivam Dube bowled only 12 balls (2 overs), where he gave away 36 runs. In the 2021 IPL, Shivam Dube bowled 30 balls (5 overs) and gave 49 runs.

Shivam Dube bowled the most in the 2020 season, when he bowled a total of 9 overs (54 balls) and took 4 wickets. Just before this i.e. in the 2019 season, Shivam Dube had bowled only 10 balls. That means it is clear that Shivam Dube is behind Hardik Pandya in terms of bowling.

Records of Shivam Dube and Hardik Pandya as bowlers (IPL)

Name Match Wicket Average Economy Rate
Hardik Pandya 131 57 34.19 8.97
Shivam Dube 59 04 41.50 9.40

Records of Shivam Dube and Hardik Pandya as batsmen (IPL)

Name Match Run Average Strike Rate
Hardik Pandya 131 2460 29.64 145.65
Shivam Dube 59 1417 31.49 147.14

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Shivam Dube International Career

Hardik Pandya vs Shivam Dube

30 year old Shivam Shivam Dube has played 21 T20 matches for India. Here he has 276 runs in his name at an average of 39.42 and strike rate of 145.26, while Dube also has a total of 8 wickets in his name in this format. Shivam has also played an ODI match for India, where he scored 9 runs.

Hardik Pandya International Career

Hardik Pandya vs Shivam Dube

30-year-old Hardik Pandya has played 11 test matches for India, where he has 532 runs and 17 wickets at an average of 31.29. At the same time, Pandya has scored 1769 runs in 86 ODI matches. His average in this format is 34.01 and strike rate is 110.35. Pandya has taken 84 wickets in ODIs. Hardik has played 92 matches for India in T20 International. In this format, he has scored 1348 runs at an average of 25.43 and strike rate of 139.83. Hardik has also taken 73 wickets in T20, where his average is 26.71 and economy rate is 8.16.

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Who is the better all-rounder between Hardik Pandya and Shivam Dube?

Shivam Dube and Hardik Pandya both are all-rounders of the Indian cricket team, but there is a slight difference in their player qualities. Here are some reasons through which we can compare these two players

T20I records

  • Shivam Dube averages 45 in 20 T20I matches, with 7 not outs in 13 innings, and has a strike rate of 149.
  • Hardik Pandya averages 25 in 20 T20I matches and has a strike rate of 139.
  • It is worth noting that Pandya has batted more times in T20Is than Dube, so Dube is likely to average more as a player.


  • Hardik Pandya's bowling average is 26, which is better than Dube's average of 41.
  • Dube is now a power-hitting monster, while Pandya is playing the role of anchor role batsman.
  • This means that Dube's strike rate is higher than Pandya's, which reflects the pace of his scores.

Injury Problems

  • Hardik Pandya has had injury problems, while Shivam Dube has not suffered any significant injuries in recent years.
  • If Hardik's injury situation worsens, Dube could be sent to the US and West Indies as his replacement.

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