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Best basketball prediction website

By Rohit - May 10, 2021 - Last updated on May 10, 2022 04:08 PM Best basketball prediction website

Best basketball prediction website and App

Basketball betting is one of the great traditions in fantasy sports. Possible11 provides you with the most accurate basketball prediction Basketball betting predictions for under over is one of the most popular basketball sports betting form.

Possible11 provides the basketball tips for today match. Possible11 provided all the possibility to win basketball betting. Because we cover all the basketball leagues like NBA, Euroleague, Chinese Basketball League (CBA), Liga ACB, Super Basketball League and Greek Basketball League etc.

We cover all matches of small and top leagues in the world and provides you with the finest data. our site gives you the most accurate basketball betting tips and updates on basketball faster than any other website out there.

Possible 11 is a free platform that provides Free teams, Previews, Top picks, Records and Stats of Basketball. if you want to win all bets You are at the right place! with our experts best prediction and analysis you can just bet anywhere and youll also win very easily.

How you can make basketball team?

Creating a team on Dream11 is simple, but keep in mind youll be facing off against other knowledgeable players who play this game very smartly. Before creating your team,be updated on breaking news, injury updates, starting lineups, expected role and the recent performances for all players in the pool.

Every basketball team you create on Dream11 has to have 8 players, of which a maximum of 5 players can be from any one team playing a real-life match.

  • Player Combinations

  • Your Dream11 can have different combinations of players, but has to be within the 100 credit cap and must qualify:

    Player Type Min Max
    Point Guard 1 4
    Shooting Guard 1 4
    Small Forward 1 4
    Power Forward 1 4
    Center 1 4
    1. For every point scored by a player in the real match, you will get 1 point.

    2. for every rebound collected, youll receive 1.2 points on Dream11.

    3. For an assist, you will receive 1.5 pointst.

    4. Steals and blocks are rewarded with three dream11 points.

    5. For an assist, you will receive 1.5 pointst.

    6. For every turnover, your player will lose one point.

  • Star Player and Pro Player Points

  • Once you have selected your 8 players, you will have to assign a Star Player and a Pro Player for your team.

    The Star Player will give you 2x points scored by them in the actual match.

    Your Pro Player will give you 1.5x points scored by them in the actual match.

    Points Scored 1
    Rebounds 1.2
    Assist 1.5
    Steals 3
    Blocks 3
    Turnovers -1
  • Other Important Points:

    • Any event during overtime will be considered for awarding fantasy points.

    • A player who has been transferred from one team to the other might still be available for selection for his older team until the next scheduled team update on Dream11. However, no points will be attributed to the player in such a situation.

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