how to earn free money in dream11

By Rohit - August 2, 2021 - Last updated on Dec 31, 2022 01:49 AM
how to earn free money in dream11

What is Possilbe11?

Possible 11 is a free Platform built for people who wish to earn money from fantasy sports like Dream11, My11 Circle, Fan fight, My Fab11, Real 11, and many other such fantasy platforms.
Possible 11 Provides every bit of information required to make winning teams on your own. It includes Playing 11, Pitch report, player records, and many more. . Here you will get Accurate Winning teams from fantasy experts working with us who have vast experience in this field.

How to use Possible11 App?

  • Download Possible11 app from play store or download APK file from google browser

  • Open the app and create a new account using Facebook, Google Account, Mobile No. or by Gmail account.

  • After signing into the app youll see a list of all matches which are life or about to happen to make your team and get ready to win money

How to use Possible11 App?

Possible11 is such a beautifull app here you can earn money regularly just while using the app without any investment yes you heard me right you can earn money free of cost with our App.

Here are some ways to earn money from possible11 without any investment

  1. Making your team:-

  2. Yes you can earn money just by sugggesting your team in our app its so simple just follow the steps and youll earn money daily free of cost. The best part is there is no limit for taking participate in matches you can make as many teams you want only condition is that you can only make one team per match but possible11 covers almost every match in the world which is available on dream11 so you can earn very easily.

    • Choose any match in which you want to make team its totally free you wont have to pay single money

    • Make your best team and if your team scores high then youll earn real cash without any investment based on your ranking.

  3. More likes more money:-

  4. This is one of the best feature Possible11 provides to its user you can earn money by liking other players team and also can earn if someone likes your team

    • Make your team and share with your friends and get money if they like your team.

    • Also if you like others team youll get paid.

    • There is no limit of liking any team you can like as many teams as you want.

    • Many users earn 200-500rs daily just by sharing their team and liking others team.

  5. Watch Ads:-

  6. You can also earn money just by watching ads yes! you heard me right watch free ads and earn money without doing anything.

    • Watch unlimited ads in our app and earn money daily.

    • There is no limit of watching ads you can watch as many ads you can and earn money.

  7. Free giveaways in every match:-

  8. You can also earn money by participating in our free giveaways.

    • Participate in our free giveaways and win free money.

    • We do giveaways in every match

    • Giveaways are free you dont have to pay single penny.

How to withdraw money in Bank account?

We will transfer the money to the registered mobile number either in PayTm or GooglePay or UPI.

How much money can I earn from this app daily?

The more time you spend on this app, the more you will get the benefit, and it depends on you how many coins you can win participate in free giveaways, watch free ads, like other teams, etc. you can earn as much money as you want.

What is my referral code?

Your referral code is the same as your username. You may find your referral code in the “Referral” section under the “My Profile” tab. You can also share your code directly from here using various sharing options such as Whatsapp, SMS, and Facebook.

What are the benefits of referral code?

When you refer a friend, both you and your friend earn coins. Your friends get coins immediately after signup. You earn coins when your friends sign up, extra coins when they play their first mega contest, and even more when they make their first prediction.
You can refer unlimited friends and get referral benefits for each of them more the referred friends more benefits.

How to share the Referral code of this App with my friends?

Open the app and goes to the top-left three dots and click there. After that open a Menu and then click the My Account option and then open your profile and there will be a written referral code and get you a Share Button and then click that button and then open your social media platform options and then Share the referral code any one social media Friends.

What is the minimum withdrawal limit?

The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹50. You can only withdraw your winnings if they are ₹50 or more. If you have winnings below this limit, keep participating in more contests and win more to reach this minimum amount.

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