Australias national cricket team wants to play a tour in Pakistan

By Uday - 2022-01-19 12:25:48 Australias national cricket team wants to play a tour in Pakistan

With a Test series between Australia and Pakistan on the 3rd of March, some people have speculated that the Aussies won’t travel to play. Cricket Australia has not yet released a final decision just yet regarding the multi-format series in Pakistan but Pat Cummins and some of his teammates want to play.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still circulating, it is fair to say that the Aussies will have to go through a lot of hoops just to play in Pakistan. They will need to quarantine after they land in Pakistan which might pose a problem for the team. Some players have struggled to stay in shape in their rooms for a long time for the self-isolation period.

Bubble fatigue has been a huge problem for cricket over the past two years because players want to have a life outside of cricket. If they stay in a bubble for a long time without having access to their outside interests, they will have an issue dealing with thinking only about cricket. When you look at the SRL livescore today, you might see that some results have changed significantly.

Pat and the team will have to work through some issues

As the captain of the Test team, Cummins has a significant voice in the dressing room. If he is saying that the Aussie squad will play in their March series against Pakistan, you can expect that the team is working on their issues. That will be awesome for both teams because they have been waiting to play against each other for a long time.

If both teams can play against each other, they will settle a good debate about which team is stronger. Both squads have talented players on their lineup and it will be fun to see them duking it out in high-quality series across different formats.

Cummins himself said that he and his teammates are willing to go but if some players do not feel safe enough to go due to the pandemic, they are allowed to do so.

Pat said, ‘Still a bit to work through but at this stage, its all looking really positive. Its shaping up as, I think just about everyone - if not all - will go. If some players need to make a choice, its absolutely fine that they wont be there’.

The Aussies have learned good lessons in the past two years

Due to the pandemic, cricket teams have adapted well to the new normal with how the sport is played. Lessons have been learned for many teams around the world and Australia is one of the most successful teams over this period.

You can always expect them to perform because they have done well to learn from what’s going on in the world and adapt. It also helps that their country has responded well to the adversities that people have faced which means that they have more time to train together.

As of late, there have been some issues with COVID but the Aussie team is ready to compete at the highest level especially against a top-tier team like Pakistan.

Cummins said, ‘Were two years in, so weve learned a lot. But it also means probably some players are further along their tether. Its unprecedented times, we just have to make sure we look after each other. Conversations are happening. The selectors have been great along with the coaching staff’.

Hopefully, these lessons that they’ve learned will be applied during their matches. The SRL livescore today has been favourable to the Aussies for the past two years because they have been an awesome team during this period.

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