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Australian Cricket Pitches Will be Used USA for T20 World Cup 2024

By Rohit - April 26, 2024 - Last updated on Apr 26, 2024 04:42 PM
Australian Cricket Pitches Will be Used USA for T20 World Cup 2024

Image: ICC/Instagram, Cricket pitch for the India vs Pakistan match in New York, USA for T20 World Cup 2024

This summer's ICC Men's T20 World Cup brings cricket to the United States for the very first time, and with it comes a unique story: the journey of the pitches themselves. These crucial playing surfaces, hailing all the way from Australia, have traveled a staggering 14,000 miles to grace the bespoke venues in New York, Texas, and Florida.

The opening clash between the USA and Canada, along with the highly anticipated India vs Pakistan encounter, will unfold on American soil. While 16 matches will be played in the US, the remaining 39 will take place in the West Indies.

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Preparing cricket pitches in the US presents a significant challenge. To ensure a world-class playing experience, Adelaide Oval's pitch curator, Damian Hough, has undertaken the task of growing and transporting pitches from Australia.

"Our goal is to create pitches with pace and consistent bounce, allowing players to showcase their skills," Hough explains. "We want entertaining cricket, but there are bound to be obstacles."

The project began in October 2023 with the planting of 10 drop-in pitches, each split into two trays. The aim? Four match-ready pitches and six practice strips. A key element is the use of a clay-like soil, similar to that found in US baseball venues, combined with a special warm-climate grass resistant to wear and tear.

After initial growth in Australia, the trays embarked on a boat journey to Florida in January. This strategic move ensured growth during a period when New York was experiencing freezing temperatures. Once in Florida, the pitches continued to mature before being transported by road to their final destinations.

To minimize travel time, each truck carrying the pitches will have two drivers, limiting the need for breaks. Upon arrival, Hough and his team face a further 12 hours of meticulous work to bed the pitches into the new venues, some of which are specifically built for the tournament.

"There's a mix of excitement and anxiety." Hough confesses. "This is a long process with many unknowns. We've poured our hearts into this project, considering every possible hurdle. We're confident these pitches will be the foundation for some fantastic T20 cricket."

The journey of the Australian pitches adds another layer of intrigue to the historic US T20 World Cup. With innovative solutions and meticulous planning, the stage is set for a thrilling tournament on unfamiliar soil. The first ball bowled will mark not only the start of a match, but the culmination of a unique logistical feat, ensuring a level playing field (quite literally) for teams from around the globe.

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