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Top 8 Best Places for Good Friday 2024 Long Weekend Getaways

By Akanksha - March 28, 2024 09:43 PM

Every year, on the Friday before Easter, there is a celebration. Good Friday is significant because it honours the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. As to Christian doctrine, this day more than two millennia ago saw the crucifixion of Jesus, the Son of God, who was killed to atone for humankind's sins. Thus, what makes it 'good'? Some opinions hold that in his situation, the terms 'good' and 'holy' are synonymous. Good Friday is commemorated on March 29 this year.

Top 8 Best Places for Good Friday 2024 Long Weekend Getaways

Because Good Friday falls on a long weekend this year, travellers will have the opportunity to indulge their wanderlust.

The following are some fascinating locations for a revitalizing long weekend getaway from Delhi:

1. Goa


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If you are visiting Goa between March 26 and April 8, avoid the typical tourist attractions and take part in the unique Goan festivals that honour and display traditional customs and culture. Some of these festivals include the "joyful horse" dance, walking on embers, the festival of thieves, and Shisha Ranni, which is a rice-cooking event where three men lay on the ground and the cooking utensil is kept atop their heads to create a traditional cooking place.

2. Agra


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Visit Agra to take a step back in time and experience the Mughal Empire. You may experience the majesty of Agra Fort in addition to witnessing the Taj Mahal's timeless splendour. After that, stroll around the busy alleys that are brimming with delicious street food and fine handicrafts.

3. Rishikesh


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The two are located in Uttarakhand and are around 5 hour's drive from Delhi. Spiritual and adventurous experiences may be had in Rishikesh. It is well-known for its yoga and meditation retreats, exhilarating whitewater rafting adventures, and tranquil nature hikes in the nearby Himalayan foothills.

4. Jaipur


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The capital of Rajasthan has a lively culture and a rich history. Beautiful forts and palaces may be explored, traditional handicrafts can be bought in lively marketplaces, and Pink City offers mouthwatering Rajasthani food.

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5. Varanasi


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Varanasi, the holiest and oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, is a terrific choice for anyone seeking a sense of liberation. Varanasi, frequently acclaimed as India's spiritual centre, has a very strange vibe. This city, which is tucked away behind the holy Ganges River, exudes spiritual energy thanks to its historic ghats, religious rites, and the ringing of temple bells.

At Dashashwamedh Ghat, take part in the captivating Ganga Aarti, when priests give prayers to the river. To experience the mysterious vitality of the city, take a boat trip down the Ganges. Discover Varanasi's winding streets, which lead to the holy sites of Sarnath, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, and other places. Give yourself over to the holy surroundings of Varanasi.

6. Shimla


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As summer draws to an end, Shimla, often known as the Queen of Hills, provides a pleasant respite with a refreshing breeze. Shimla is a charming hill station nestled in the beautiful Himalayas, renowned for its colonial elegance, scenic beauty, and agreeable weather. The ancient Viceregal Lodge, Mall Road, and adventurous pursuits like paragliding and trekking are the city's main draws.

7. Mussoorie


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A well-liked hill station as well, Mussoorie perfectly combines colonial elegance with scenic natural beauty. Wander through verdant pine woods, take in expansive vistas of the snow-capped Himalayas, and explore well-known sites like Kempty Falls and Gun Hill Point.

8. Surat


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Gujaratiport city Surat gets its name from Saurashtra, which means "the good land." Surat, the second most populous city in the state, is a major textile trading hub and a centre for the cutting of diamonds worldwide. Known as "the city of flyovers," it draws travellers drawn to the area by its unique fauna and colonial past. Situated 306 kilometres south of Gandhinagar, the state capital, Surat is crammed into the south side of a steep bend on the Tapi River (Tapti).

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