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Reasons for Visiting Goa in February 2024

By Akanksha - January 19, 2024 06:56 PM

Goa is wonderful in February. It's the busiest time of year, with plenty of visitors, nice weather, fun things to do, and festivals. Every beach hut is open, including the ones in the south, which close in the summer and reopen in October. You may enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the beach for extended periods when the weather is nice. Parties are keeping the nightclubs full. You may go to national parks, waterfalls, and forts. Beginning the month with an average temperature of 24.5°C, the average high temperature throughout the day is 30°C. At night, the temperature drops significantly, typically hovering around 19°C. By the end of February, the average daytime temperature rises to 32°C, while the average nightly temperature rises to 21°C.

Reasons for Visiting Goa in February 2024

Aspect Description
Weather Slightly warmer than January. The temperature goes up as the month progresses. The average daytime temperature is between 30°C and 32°C, and the nighttime average is between 19°C and 21°C. 0.1mm rainfall. Humidity between 34% and 85%.
Beach Fewer domestic and international tourists than January. The beaches and streets are cleaner. Activities are still available.
Sea Generally mild. A few days can be choppy.
Parties Fewer parties, but many nightclubs are still busy and happening after dark till late in the night.
Water sports Full range of water sports available.
Shacks Many are beginning to close down as the peak season is almost over. The biggest shacks are still open.
Festivals Goa Carnival, Linc Tower Run, Monte Music Festival, and the Wine Festival.
Prices Prices beginning to come down.

Since it's the last month of the peak season, February is special. Compared to January, the first part of the month had much fewer tourists. This implies that renting a lavish home in Goa will cost you less. Everything will be less expensive, including lodging, dining out, and resort fees. The largest celebration in the state, Carnival, draws more visitors to Goa in the second part of the year.

It's a serene water, ideal for swimming. Lifeguards are also present at various locations. Water sports are risk-free as well. Take a boat ride on one of Goa's picturesque waterways or visit the Grand Island.

You can easily schedule a full day of touring when the weather is nice. See the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Old Goa, the Latin Quarter, and the Aguada Fort. You may go to a casino on the Mandovi River in the evening. You can explore Goa to the fullest in February. You are free to spend your vacation any way you like.

Fewer Crowds: Although February is the peak season, it is nearing its close, so compared to December and January, there will already be fewer tourists. The majority of the well-known beaches in Goa are crowded in December and January due to the popularity of Christmas, New Year's, and the holiday season. Not in February. You'll come to a peaceful nook where you may unwind. In addition, the streets and beaches will be far cleaner with fewer people.

Valentine's Day: which falls on February 14th, is a great excuse to visit Goa with that special someone. Goa, in India, is the most romantic destination on earth. enjoy a party, stroll hand in hand, enjoy a meal by candlelight, or all of the above. Savour the breathtaking sunsets over the Arabian Sea as well.

Festivals: This month has several other intriguing events, including the Linc Tower Run, the Wine Festival, the Grape Festival, and the Monte Music Festival.

Goa Carnival: The Carnival, the most well-known celebration in Goa, takes place from February 25 to 28. The colourful Goanese cuisine and culture will delight you. There are guitar players, dancers, floats, and parades. This carnival is quite similar to the carnival in Rio.

Reasonable Prices: As the peak season draws to a close, everything will be less expensive. This covers the price of dining out, renting a vehicle or bike, and lodging. Although there may be a price increase right before the carnival, February is usually a more affordable month.

Top 6 Things To Do in Goa


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The Beach: You may spend a lot of time at the beach when the weather is ideal and there is little to no rain. Take a dip in the water or unwind on a lounger. Take a bike or vehicle rental and explore some more beaches. You may spend one day at North Goa's beaches and the following day at South Goa's. Every beach in Goa has an individual personality.

Wildlife Photography Workshop With Tour: this workshop and tour provide a unique experience. After learning the finest techniques for taking photographs of wildlife and plants in their natural habitat, visit a wildlife sanctuary such as Mhadei, Bondla, Netravali, or Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

Water Sports: Goa has a large number of beaches, stretching from the north to the south, and many of them provide water sports. While some of them are daring, others are calm. Options include wakeboarding, jet skiing, speed boats, banana boats, and parasailing. Kayaking is another activity. You may do scuba diving and snorkelling right off the shore of Grande Island. Backwater cruises are available in the Sal and Mandovi rivers. Additionally, you may take a lunch-inclusive bird-viewing or dolphin-watching boat.

Visit the Markets: You won't want to miss out on the many possibilities available here as well. Visit Mackie’s Night Bazaar in Baga, Saturday Night Market in Arpora, and the flea market of Anjuna. Purchase your mementos. Take in the street DJs, fire eaters, and live music. Here, try the seafood.

Party Time: Goa is still the place to party in February. Check out the nightclubs in Baga, Calangute, or Candolim. In Goa, there are beach parties in other locations as well as at the shacks at night.

Cycling, Trekking, or Yoga: You may walk through the Western Ghats' hills and woods or go on a bicycle excursion to discover the surrounding area. Are you against an action-packed holiday in Goa? Why not sign up for a quick course at a yoga and meditation studio? You'll be fully rejuvenated when you get home.

February Festival


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1. The Carnival: The Goa Carnival has gained international recognition. It takes place in early March or February over four days. There will be vibrant parades that resemble Brazil's Rio Carnival. There's dancing, drinking, and music. The people there dress exotically and wear masks. Fortune tellers masquerade as bands of troubadours. In addition, there are pretend fights accompanied by the sound of drums banging. The carnival takes place in several towns and even in rural areas around the state. Panjim, Mapusa, Margao, and Vasco are the main cities that have parades.

2. Monte Music Festival: This blend of Indian and Western classical music is organized by Kala Academy in Panaji. The event presents both Eastern and Western cultures. It takes place over four evenings. The shows begin at 5:00 p.m.

3. Grape Escapade: Asia's largest wine festival, the Grape Escapade, was founded in 2005. This event is attended by a large number of eateries, resorts, lifestyle businesses, and some of the largest wineries in India. Numerous dishes are available in large food courts. Public wine-tasting events are hosted. Try stomping grapes; it's a lot of fun.

4. Goa Food and Cultural Festival: a five-day celebration showcasing the greatest traditional dances, music, and cuisine from Goa. It takes place in Panaji. Every year, the precise dates are altered.

5. Linc Tower Run: This is an ongoing event with a unique twist. The competitors sprint up and down the stairwells of five and seven-story buildings. Activities are offered for both individuals and teams. It's usually an insane dash to the end. Panaji hosts the Linc Run.

Where to stay in Goa?

Rent a Villa

Rent a Villa

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For a fantastic February getaway, book a stay at upscale villas in North or South Goa with private pools. Since the entire villa will be yours for the duration of your stay, gather together as a group and relish total seclusion. You may browse through hundreds of opulent villas on our website. Examine each property's surroundings, including its location and the facilities and extras it offers. Savour a private pool, spacious rooms with cosy mattresses, a balcony, contemporary baths, a completely functional kitchen, DVD player, coffee makers, juicers, parking, security, and much more. There are several en suite rooms.



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Even though the busiest travel month of February is almost upon us, all of Goa's hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals are still open. Additionally, compared to December and January, there is a much lower demand for hotels, so you might be able to make a reservation when you arrive. It is still preferable to make reservations in advance, though, particularly if you plan to arrive on a weekend. Everything else, including dining out, booking flights and trains, renting cars and bikes, and so on, is becoming less expensive.

Nonetheless, as more visitors go to Goa to take in the show, there is an abrupt rise in demand for lodging near the carnival days, which are February 25–28. Thus, you must make reservations in advance. Due to increased demand, prices are higher during the carnival.

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