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Top 5 Famous Veg Restaurants in Ayodhya

By Akanksha - January 20, 2024 12:13 AM

Excitement is in the air as Ayodhya prepares for the Ram Mandir's spectacular inauguration. Happy conversation fills the streets as pilgrims arrive. Whether you're a die-hard fan or merely engrossed in the thrill, you should enjoy some delicious meals along the way. Vegetarian eateries that are family-friendly abound in Ayodhya. Follow your senses and disregard travel guides. Discover bustling marketplaces and serene temple regions before concluding with a delicious meal that will stick in your memory for a long time. In this sacred city, experience new sensations, savour old ones, and create delectable memories.

Top 5 Famous Veg Restaurants in Ayodhya

  1. The Vaidic

    The Vaidic

    Image Source: Twitter

    At The Vaidic, indulge in delicious vegetarian cuisine while finding spiritual peace. Their well-chosen cuisine, full of traditional fare and creative treats, will delight your taste buds while the peaceful setting soothes your soul.

    Cost for two: Rs. 500 (approx)

    Address: Manas bhawan, ramghat chauraha, Karsewakpuram, Ayodhya

  2. Ghar Jaisa 2.0 Pure Veg

    Ghar Jaisa 2.0 Pure Veg

    Image Source: Twitter

    At Ghar Jaisa, bask in the comfort of delicious food prepared at home. They create a symphony of comforting flavors with their genuine recipes and fresh ingredients, giving you the impression that you've entered your grandmother's kitchen.

    Cost for two: Rs. 500 (approx)

    Address: Naka Akbari Office, Naka Chungi, Naka Bypass, Ayodhya

  3. The Aura Restaurant

    The Aura Restaurant

    Image Source: Twitter

    Do you want a classy eating experience? With its elegant atmosphere, delicate lighting, and luxurious seats, The Aura beckons. Taste their delicious vegetarian dishes, each a beautiful work of culinary art.

    Cost for two: Rs. 350 (approx)

    Address: Opp. ITI, near Ayodhya – Prayagraj Road, Phase 3, Beniganj, Ayodhya

  4. Makhan-Malai


    Image Source: Twitter

    Enter a positive feeling of refuge at Makhan-Malai. A great dining experience is created by their excellent Indian and Chinese cuisine, lovely decor, and welcoming service.

    Cost for two: Rs. 600 (approx)

    Address: G- Floor,Ramprastha hotel, naya ghat, Ayodhya, India, Uttar Pradesh

  5. Amrut Rasoi

    Amrut Rasoi

    Image Source: Twitter

    Amrut Rasoi is perhaps the best option if you're searching for a vegetarian restaurant that won't break the bank. The eatery is renowned for providing delectable vegetarian fare at the most reasonable costs. The fact that this restaurant offers vegan options is among its most amazing features.

    Cost for two: Rs. 300 (approx)

    Address: R645+573, near Tulasi Udyan, Naya Ghat, Ayodhya

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