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Top 10 Richest Countries in the World in 2023

By Akanksha - November 23, 2023 10:52 PM

You most likely consider each nation's GDP per capita when considering the richest nations on the planet. The top ten richest nations in the world, as determined by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), are listed in this article based on GDP per capita. But, this list could surprise you if you're keeping an eye on the GDP per capita of China or the US since some of the world's tiniest nations are among the top contenders.

The value of all commodities and services generated in a nation is measured by GDP or gross domestic product. This figure may now be divided by the total number of full-time inhabitants in a nation to get the overall level of wealth or poverty. However, accounting for local product and service prices as well as inflation rates provides a far more accurate picture of a country's wealth.

Top 10 Richest Countries in the World in 2023

Taking into account both variables yields a number known as purchasing power parity, or PPP. Although the GDP per capita ranking 2023 (accounting for PPP) comes close to illuminating the wealth held by different countries, it may still not be an exact statistic to accurately rank the richest and poorest in the world (for example, some of the wealthiest countries can be tax havens, which artificially increases their GDPs with wealth generated outside of these countries).

As of 2023, these ten nations rank highest in terms of wealth.

Rank Country Continent GDP-PPP per capita (in USD)
10 Australia Australia 63,490
9 Denmark Europe 71,405
8 Iceland Europe 78,845
7 United States North America 80,413
6 Qatar Asia 81,971
5 Singapore Asia 87,885
4 Norway Europe 99,273
3 Switzerland Europe 102,875
2 Ireland Europe 112,250
1 Luxembourg Europe 135,610

10. Australia

Australia's GDP is mostly derived from three sectors: agriculture, industry, and services. Services make up over 62% of the nation's GDP. Within the sector, mining accounts for around 10% of Australia's GDP and 69% of its overall export earnings. Australia is sixth in terms of area, yet its GDP is just 3.1% derived from agriculture.

9. Denmark

Denmark is ranked fourth in the world for standard of living by Numbeo's Quality of Life Index, and it is the second safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index. In terms of energy and exports to the European Union, it is self-sufficient.

Denmark is well-known for producing pharmaceuticals, industrial machinery, and electrical machinery, even though services account for 67% of its GDP.

8. Iceland

Iceland's economy is mostly focused on tourism, fishing, and the export of aluminium. While the nation is still recuperating from the pandemic's effects, tourism accounted for 35% of its pre-COVID export earnings and 8.1 per cent of its GDP. About 40% and 34% of its total exports were made up of aluminium and marine items, respectively.

7. United States

In case you were interested in GDP per capita US at the outset: Despite being ranked lower, the nation unquestionably makes it into the top 10 economies by GDP per capita PPP. America is not just a powerful military power but also a leading economic force.

6. Qatar

The abundance of natural resources that Qatar and the United Arab Emirates possess is a major factor in their placing among the top 10 economies in terms of GDP per capita for 23. For instance, Qatar has enormous supplies of natural gas and oil relative to its population, which helps explain why it is ranked among the richest nations.

5. Singapore

One of the major commercial and trade hubs in the globe is Singapore. The population of the country is made up of a large number of wealthy people. The epidemic and China's faltering economy—a vital trading partner that accounts for 21.6% of Singapore's GDP and is particularly significant for the country's industrial sector—have both dealt blows to the economy in recent years.

4. Norway

Once more, Norway is the leading supplier of petroleum to Western Europe. The nation has experienced significant financial growth following the economic collapse of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, Norway has the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, at $1.3 trillion, to handle any emergencies quickly.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland, one of the world's most popular travel destinations, is home to a thriving banking industry. Precious metals, precise instruments, and gear such as computers and medical gadgets are among the other goods that the nation benefits from exporting. The services sector accounts for over 74% of the Swiss GDP, followed by industry at 25% and agriculture at less than 1%. Furthermore, Switzerland boasts Europe's lowest VAT rate.

2. Ireland

Ireland spent most of the 2008 global financial crisis restructuring its banking sector. It started taking steps to get its economy to this point, such as reducing wages in the public sector. In addition, Ireland is one of the biggest corporate tax havens in the world, with over 50% of the country's GDP coming from international corporations like Apple, Google, and Microsoft in recent years.

1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is among the European nations that emerged from the Covid-19 epidemic comparatively undamaged. The country is renowned for leveraging its resources to guarantee improved healthcare, education, and living conditions for the general public.

Furthermore, because of its gorgeous canals, abundance of greenery, and lovely castles, the nation is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.

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