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Top 10 most spoken languages in the world in 2024

By Akanksha - May 01, 2024 03:52 PM

Have you ever wondered which languages are spoken most often worldwide? Even though there are presently over 7,000 languages spoken worldwide, just 23 are spoken by more than half of the people.

We've put together this comprehensive list for you based on facts, covering everything from languages that English speakers will find simple to learn to those that are more challenging.

Top 10 most spoken languages in the world in 2024

Rank Language Native speakers (in millions) Language family
1 English 1500 Indo-European
2 Mandarin Chinese 1100 Sino-Tibetan
3 Hindi 609.5 Indo-European
4 Spanish 559.1 Indo-European
5 French 309.8 Indo-European
6 Standard Arabic 274.0 Afro-Asiatic
7 Bengali 272.8 Indo-European
8 Portuguese 263.6 Indo-European
9 Russian 255.0 Indo-European
10 Urdu 231.7 Indo-European

1. English

English is essential to worldwide business, science, and diplomacy since it is the universal language. English has a history moulded by many different influences, which has made it the dominant language on the internet and added to its accessibility and broad use.

2. Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is widely acknowledged as the language that is spoken the most in the world and plays a vital role in international communication. It is an interesting language to study because of its complex writing system, tonal character, and rich cultural heritage. Mandarin has an impact on Chinese-speaking populations all over the world, not just in China.

3. Hindi

Hindi, one of the official languages of India, is widely spoken throughout South Asia. The Indian subcontinent's significant linguistic diversity is attributed to its Devanagari alphabet and variety of languages. The cultural relevance of Hindi is seen in both classical literature and Bollywood cinema.

4. Spanish

With Latin origins, Spanish has a dynamic and diversified global speaker population. It is the official language of twenty nations, and its cultural influence extends well beyond the Iberian Peninsula. Spanish is a popular language choice for language learners worldwide because of its melodic tone.

5. French

French, a member of the Indo-European language family, is widely used due to its soft connotations. Moreover, many people worldwide are motivated to study French since it is seen as a crucial language in the commercial sector.

6. Standard Arabic

Standard Arabic, which unites the Arabic-speaking nations and is a key language in the area, is only used for official speeches and papers. One can learn the many Arabic dialects spoken in the region by starting with Standard Arabic. Furthermore, this language is used in Arabic literature to provide simple accessibility.

7. Bengali

West Bengal, an Indian state, has a large Bengali-speaking population. Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh. Bengali has a rich cultural history and is well-known for its lyrical and creative traditions. It has contributed to music, movies, and literature.

8. Portuguese

Being the national language of Portugal and numerous South American nations, Portuguese has a significant global impact. Its distinctness stems from its phonetics and phrases, and the language's legacy is intricately linked to the history of commerce and travel.

9. Russian

Russian, with its Cyrillic alphabet, is a major cultural and political component of Russia and its surrounding nations. Language aficionados throughout the world find the language to be a fascinating subject of study due to its rich vocabulary and unusual phonetics.

10. Urdu

Urdu, the language of poets, is extremely important to culture. Given that Urdu was extensively used by Muslims in British India's north and northwest, it was designated as the official language of Pakistan upon its independence in 1947. At the moment, Urdu is a vital medium for preserving South Asia's cultural legacy.

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