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The Top 10 Most Played Google Doodle Games Available Now

By Akanksha - December 13, 2023 12:20 AM

Google Doodles are imaginative and distinctive alterations made to Google's logo to commemorate and honour historical events, milestones, and anniversaries of notable figures. Over 5,000 doodles have been created so far, and Google's homepage features the distinctive logo. In addition to these imaginative logos for various occasions, Google periodically publishes Google Doodle games. These are brief, entertaining web-based interactive minigames that are frequently released to celebrate important events.

These games are among the greatest ways for all those who use Google on their laptop or phone to unwind and enjoy a little vacation from work. Google Doodle offers a variety of entertaining activities, from the open-world Champion Island to the beloved arcade Pac-Man. The fact that these games are web-based and don't require installation to play is their biggest feature.

The Top 10 Most Played Google Doodle Games Available Now

1. Pac-Man


Image Source: Twitter

This is where Google's interactive game series got its start. The first Google Doodle game, Doodle Pac-Man, was released in 2010 to commemorate the company's 30th anniversary. Playing and reliving classic video game memories from the 20th century is still enjoyable even after more than ten years have passed. It sounds and feels like the original PacMan, where you have to walk around a maze while eating pellets to avoid being captured by four ghosts. You earn three lives. PacMan may be moved using the four arrow keys in a straightforward control scheme. You won't need to install this doodle game to experience the nostalgia of the original, classic PacMan game.

2. Cricket


Image Source: Twitter

One of the greatest Google Doodle games available is Cricket, which was released in 2017 as a homage to the ICC Champions Trophy cricket competition. You may bat and score some runs in this straightforward yet incredibly entertaining 3D cricket game. Crickets play batter and snails field and bowl in this humorous baseball game. Even if you may hit long balls and score hundreds by hitting the bat at the right moment, you need to be aware of the spins and quick bowling of slower bowlers. The crowd cheers you on after every successful shot in this colourful and animated game. So you should absolutely check out this game whether or not you're a fan of cricket.

3. Baseball


Image Source: Twitter

With only a single mouse click, swing your bat and hit as many home runs as you can with your diverse, fruity squad of characters. There are a lot of vibrant and colourful players and viewers in the fantastic and captivating Baseball Doodle game. The crowd becomes excited when a run is made, and the pitcher may likely alter his style of bowling. Google released this doodle game in 2011 to commemorate the start of the Major League Baseball season. Playing it is a lot of fun and will take away your boredom for sure.

4. Birth of Hip Hop

Birth of Hip Hop

Image Source: Twitter

The goal of the Google Doodle game Birth of Hip Hop, which was published on the 44th anniversary of the genre's inception, is to educate players about hip-hop's history and culture while also having fun with song and beat mashups. The four basic components of hip-hop that are included in the game are graffiti, breaking, MCing, and DJing. After seeing a few hip-hop-related videos and various New York City locales, you obtain a DJ controller featuring a crossfader, scratchable tracks, and a BPM controller for mixing songs. In addition, you have the option to blend several vintage hip-hop tunes from your collection.

5. Basketball


Image Source: Twitter

In 2012, the Google Doodle game Basketball was released for all basketball fans to enjoy. For a fee, one can pass the time or just unwind. A basketball player must toss as many balls into the hoop as they can in the allotted twenty-four seconds. The Google alphabets are positioned as the audience in this imaginatively built court. The game is too easy to handle, but throwing the ball with enough force is what counts most. So grab this little doodle game and set a record for the most hoops you can make.

6. Champion Island

Champion Island

Image Source: Twitter

In 2021, Champion Island was published as a way to honour the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. You may explore Champion Island, engage with people and items, and finish a number of minigames in this open-world game. You compete with other players in Olympic-themed minigames like table tennis, archery, skateboarding, etc. as a cat named Lucky. Although it's a competitive game, it's easy to play and enjoyable. The Champion Island features a variety of locales, including towns and woods, and has the vibe of a vintage arcade game. Therefore, this Google Doodle game is guaranteed to be a hit with fans of the Olympics or anybody who enjoys taking on small tasks.

7. Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

Image Source: Twitter

In honour of the Halloween celebration, Doodle Halloween 2016 was introduced. You take on the role of an adorable black cat who is trapped in a haunted mansion in this game. You need to sketch shapes and lines in order to defeat the spirits. There are five stages in all, each situated in a distinct chamber. The difficulty of each level rises with the presence of powerful spirits. You start with five lives altogether, but you may add more by pulling hearts at specific times. The game features an exciting soundtrack and a crayon art design. In order to save your Magic Cat Academy and reclaim that magic book from the boss ghost, you must begin sketching and overcoming those ghosts.

8. Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes

Image Source: Twitter

Gnomes are garden decorations or miniature statues of an elderly man wearing a conical hat that are used all over the world. In honour of the 19th-century German invention of garden gnomes, Google launched the Garden Gnomes game in 2018. The game has a vibrant environment with several gnome forms. Using the space key, you must launch the garden gnomes as far as you can using the catapult. Tapping it once causes the gnome to be launched twice and causes the catapult to swing. Once you've launched your favourite gnome precisely, the wooden logs and birds make sure it goes farther. The game's quirky mood and sound design make it enjoyable.

9. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Image Source: Twitter

One of the most auspicious days for lovers to appreciate and express their devotion to one another is Valentine's Day. In February 2012, the Valentine's Day Google Doodle game was launched to commemorate this unique event. The story revolves around a crocodile who must overcome several challenges to surprise her sweetie with cocoa beans so she may prepare a chocolate cake. The controls are straightforward: you may use the arrow keys to go forward and backwards and the space bar to leap. Check out Valentine's Day, a fun game with four levels full of adventures and vibrant graphics.

10. Loteria


Image Source: Twitter

With its lively Mexican artwork and soundtrack, Loteria is a multiplayer Google Doodle game that is modelled after the classic Loteria game from Mexico. You and a friend can play together or against other gamers. Your chances of winning depend on both quick thinking and luck in this somewhat similar game to bingo. You must arrange the beans on the same card and create the pattern you can see in the "HOW TO WIN" section when they announce the card name in Mexican with an accompanying picture. The winner of the game is the first player to exactly match the cards and click the LOTERIA button.

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