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Rabbit R1 AI device price and specifications

By Ravi - January 12, 2024 01:23 PM

Rabbit R1 AI device price and specifications

A Rabbit R1 has also been launched at the consumer electronics show CES 2024 which has been introduced by an American startup. Rabbit R1 is a pocket-sized AI assistant with a customized operating system.

The Rabbit R1 has been developed in partnership with Teenage Engineering. It is being claimed about Rabbit R1 that it will replace the smartphone and it is smarter than the smartphone. The Rabbit R1 will compete with Humane's AiPin which was introduced just a few days ago.

Rabbit R1 Price

The price of Rabbit R1 has been kept at $199 i.e. around Rs 16,500 and it will be made available in single color Orange. The sale of Rabbit R1 will start in the US from April, but pre-booking can be done till March 31. After the US, Rabbit R1 will be sold in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, South Korea. , Japan, Sweden and Britain.

Rabbit R1 Specifications

The Rabbit R1 features a customized operating system called Rabbit OS. This OS has been designed in such a way that there is no need to download any app on the device. Cloud based services will be available in this. With the Rabbit R1 you will be able to book a cab, go shopping, send messages and even listen to music.

Rabbit R1 has MediaTek processor, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. It has a 2.88 inch screen. Information about music being played, weather, time etc. will be available on this screen. For connectivity, it supports Wi-Fi and 4G LTE. SIM card can also be used in this.

It has a 360 degree rotating camera with which there is also a privacy mode. Calling and video calling can also be done with this small device. It has a 1000mAh battery, USB Type-C charging port.

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